Life's breakdowns offer chances to begin fresh, like starting a new chapter on a blank page. Whether it's a relationship, family, or business that breaks apart, there's no doubt its extremely tough and disheartening.

"Chaos is order yet undeciphered." - Jose Saramago

Life's journey isn't always smooth sailing. Sometimes, just when we're happily cruising along, an unexpected event can knock us completely off our course.

What feels like drowning in deep water; it is in moments like these, our life shatters into hundreds of pieces, and we desperately clutch at anything to avoid sinking into depths of despair.

"Embracing chaos might be the path to finding peace.”-  Rachel Hollis

On the surface, breakdowns seem chaotic, but they often lead to a new order after the turmoil settles. With the right mindset, we can see tough times as opportunities to begin again.

While it is true for some people, they can seem to sail through life effortlessly; others have weathered severe storms that almost destroyed them, facing heartbreak, poor health, loss, and betrayal, yet still pulled through.

If you've managed to steer yourself through a complete breakdown, it inevitably paves a new path to rebuild your life again. This time with stronger foundations, and structure, thus reducing the chances of a breakdown happening again.

Once we have navigated through a traumatic chapter of our lives, the difficult times that can follow may become easier to cope with. We begin to embrace these storms of life as further opportunities to strengthen our resolve, in fact, they make us smooth and skilled life sailors.

Should you be unfortunate to encounter another breakdown experience, you already know you got through it once before, and you have developed resilience.

Breakdown moments teach us something about life itself. A breakdown is raw, brutal, and harsh. Yet, once we find the order after the chaos, we see the silver linings. We emerge stronger, and grateful, learning to love and appreciate the small, happy moments.

If you are going through a difficult time, try to remain calm. Trust that everything that needs to leave your life does so at the right time, always paving the way for the new path to unfold.

Sometimes it is frustrating not knowing how your path will unfold. With patience, we appreciate that we learn valuble life lessons in harsh times. Eventually everything passes, and life has an uncanny way of always working out for the highest good.

Written by Lisa Precious- All Copyright reserved