A big warm welcome

My name is Lisa Precious and I am the founder and creator of Smiley Blue.

Many of us have faced challenging journeys in life, it became clear to me that without dedicating time to healing our past traumas through doing the necessary inner work, progressing towards a life filled with positivity and joy would be futile. 

I was the victim of family scapegoat abuse, growing up in a family where love was only given based on compliance, and having to diminish myself to bolster others.

It wasn’t until I reached my forties that I finally woke up to the realisation of “What happened to me?” Instead of “What’s wrong with me?”

What followed next was a deluge of mental trauma as I tried to make sense of what had happened. Anxiety, stress, memory loss, illness, exhaustion, injustice and grief became my daily struggle as I fought the intensity of the mental load.

I created Smiley Blue with the sole purpose of spreading more smiles and joy around the world. My aspiration is to shift the old paradigm of selfish gains to embrace a new approach where we prioritise the collective growth of all.

SmileyBlue is an independent publication and unique hub where your mind meets success.

Our mission is to guide all people, professionals, and businesses toward a powerful transformation of the mind.

We support you in discovering the harmony between conscious awareness and personal growth. With our guidance, the perceived contrast between spirituality, personal, and business success dissolves, revealing a path of prosperity.

At Smiley Blue, our content expands from conscious mentoring to emotional healing and in-depth discussions on how your mind and body are powerful assets to your life.

We are more than just a publication; it's a community of forward-thinking individuals committed to personal growth and professional success for all who participate.

Thank you for being here, I look forward to sharing the journey with you. You are welcome to reach out with any questions or insights and contact me by email here  contact@smileyblue.org

Lisa Precious Founder of Smiley Blue- Her Old English Sheepdogs, Bobby to the left and Tatty to the right.

Join us as we consciously embrace the power of the mind.

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