If there is any apprehension at all, step back and reconsider

Written By James Boylan

Over the years, I have heard much about God’s Will. Something bad happened and it was God’s Will. Something good happened and it was God’s Will. An injury or illness and it was God’s Will. A baby was born and it was God’s will.

It was said, many times, as an excuse for an action or inaction. Kind of a coverall, covering a multitude of bad actions. I didn’t have a clue as to what it truly meant.

I had been taught and thought that I knew all about willpower being the way to get anything done properly. I probably had heard about God’s will for me but it all had gone right over my head.

I had a conscience where I thought that I knew right from wrong but never thought about it either. Then I began hearing about spirituality, not religion and saw that, whatever it was, it seemed to be working very well with others.

This is probably where I first heard that I should pay attention to God’s will and be careful with my will. As I looked deeper into what spirituality was, I liked what I was seeing and hearing.

I saw it in the changing attitudes of many for the better and heard it in their explanations of how they were working their programs.

Turning my life into one of constantly striving to learn more about my spirituality, I have learned that I have a different conscience than I had when in the madness of alcoholism.

I know and FEEL what is right and what is wrong for me anymore. What is right for me is doing God’s will for me. What I do wrong for me is when I do not do God’s will.

What slowed me down was my wondering what God’s will for me was. I didn’t want to turn into a funless slug. That is exactly how I felt I would become if I began paying attention to whether things were God’s will or not.

It took a while but I discovered that I did not have to go out looking for God’s will, just did what I think is right and I would know instantly if it was right or wrong.

Whatever we wish to call our Higher Power, It created us so how do I know if this Power is speaking to us? The universe is made up of vibrations, we know this because of Physics.

So, if I feel good about a thought, it is God communicating with me that it is all right. If I feel apprehensive at all, it is God communicating with me that maybe I should rethink the situation.

Have you ever noticed getting vibrations from people — good feeling vibes when the thoughts are happy thoughts and apprehensive ones when the thoughts are questionable?

These vibes can come as a shiver, shudder, or a warm or chilly feeling coming over us. They may be strong or mild but, whichever, they are real. Pay attention to them and try to discover just what they mean.

This is an interesting way to discover just what your Higher Power is telling you.

high-angle photography of woman bathing below waterfalls during daytime
Photo by Seth Doyle / Unsplash

In Step 11 - It tells us “Sought through prayer and meditation…” and I never knew what meditation was, either. I still do not do formal meditation but do observe what is going on around me and pay real attention to this in the now.

Now, I believe that my thoughts and wishes are in keeping with the knowledge of His will for me so I pray that Our will be done. For it to be Our will, that merely means that my wishes and will are in sync with His will.

This is my meditation. If it feels right, it probably is right. If it feels wrong, it probably is wrong. How much more simple can it get?

Thank you, God!

This article was kindly provided to Smiley Blue by the author, James Boylan.

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