We exist in a dance of life, walking on a tiny planet within the vastness of something far beyond our comprehension.

Humans have difficulty perceiving how tiny they are in the grander scheme. The majority are so preoccupied with the dance and tune of their own life.

For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love. Carl Sagan

Many people today have forgotten or have no perception of who and what they are. Your dance on earth is merely one dance in time, people came before you, and many will be after, yet the dance continues.

Life is the dancer and you are the dance. Eckhart Tolle

You exist here on earth to reach your highest growth potential by the laws of God. Following the divine path is indeed an honor and achievement. We are to remain grateful and humble. No man exists who is as powerful as the almighty creator.

The human form will naturally and intuitively always seek to expand and grow in knowledge beyond what we can already see and know. We walk to the edge of our existence with intense curiosity for what lies beyond, ready for the next stage of the journey to unknown realms.

Always stand as a conduit for the divine light to burn brightly in you, for light is what you are. You are everything, yet nothing at the same time.

Seek God's wisdom in all you endeavor to do and achieve in your dance of life, and never assume the credit or be boastful for good work. God's people do God's work; never seeking personal reward or applause.

"Dance and synchronize to the rhythm of life" - Lisa Precious

All Copyright Reserved- Written by Lisa Precious