Realize that your realizations become your new reality and new existence.

The Realisation Of Real Lies: When you ultimately realize with your eyes that real lies fuel the existence of humanity, there often comes a realization, an awakening. Our eyes open up, and we discover that the manufactured rollercoaster ride of external highs and lows was no benefit to our lives. We realized that happiness did not exist in thrills, dramas, or news stories. There came a day when your eyes saw for what it was.

Connecting and Aligning: We discovered our happiness lay within it and always will, to be in the world and no longer of the world. Slowly we connected and aligned with others who inwardly felt the same way as we do, and a spark lit; something new was birthing and in the foundations of being created; why would we fight for the old world to come back when it does not benefit us anyway? Discovering we had come out of the old 3D earth, we aligned and formed to create something new into existence.

The 5D Earth: We have called it the 5D earth, here now, just sprouting new shoots above the surface as we now move out of the death of the old self-the 3D existence; we have moved through the birth pains and brought in our newborn earth; we are very fortunate to know that we are the chosen ones. At the beginning of our awakening, we did not think we would make it through, just like every mother giving birth.

Gratitude & Respect: What remains now is to nurture our new earth like a newborn infant, with tender love and care — she will grow into something spectacular; a conscious world built on the foundations of love will not fail; it’s an impossibility; gratitude to all those beautiful souls who also saw this potential and to those who spurred on our awakening, for without darkness, control & ridiculous rules, we may never have risen; collectively we played our part in bringing about our newfound earth!

How do we Light up the World?

  1. We work on our healing first by facing our suffering and fears. When you raise the standards for yourself, you naturally vibrate and fly higher.
  2. Dissolve anything that weighs you down and lowers your vibration. Never lower your standards or back down.
  3. Support only those that wish to rise and leave others be.
  4. Stand up and shine your light on full beam.
  5. In order to be light, remain light-hearted in all your daily activities.