Why should I put any time and effort into learning anymore.

By James Boylan

The answer, if you want to know, is ONLY EVERYTHING! No matter what beliefs we have or don’t have, we ARE spiritual beings, living in a spiritual universe.

This universe is governed by spiritual law and, as divine beings, we are individualized expressions of God, whoever or whatever we think this Higher Power is called, and one with all that exists.

Your Higher Power can be called anything that you choose because it is not an intellectual choice. Your Higher Power is acknowledged as the creator of all that is and ever has existed. Since It can not be seen, faith enters the picture.

Faith is believing that there is Something, a Power greater than us, that created all that we see, smell, touch, hear, or taste. Your Higher Power is your own personal mentor, guide, and creator of all that exists.

It all had to start somewhere. Today, I choose to call my Higher Power God. Webster defines God as “the supreme or ultimate reality such as The Being perfect in power, wisdom, and goodness who is worshipped (as in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism) as creator and ruler of the universe.”

As soon as we have this, I believe we should get out of our heads and look into our hearts or guts and then we are ready for more. I have changed from one who was quick to react to situations, whether impulsively or thought out, to one who is not quite as quick to jump as before.

I seek guidance from my Higher Power by simply, humbly saying “God, help me” and then just do the next thing that comes to mind, which is then guided by God. This guidance is why it is called “The next right thing.”

Today, I want for nothing. I feel that I have EVERYTHING. I now have God in my life and so I have all the bases covered, so to speak. God is EVERYTHING.

As we read a few moments ago, we are all spiritual beings meaning that we are individual expressions of our God, whatever this Power is called, and one with all that exists.

This is how I have come to want for nothing. And that leaves me Happy, Joyous, and Free with all, no matter what all entails. When I wonder how or really should I be happy, joyous, and free when something is horribly amiss, I think back quickly to the greatest answer I have heard for this poser — Just ‘CAUSE. Since that covers it ALL.

Thank you, God!

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