The importance of knowing the force that is in charge of your mentality.

The choice between personal enlightenment and government control of the mind is a decision every individual must make; Enlightenment of the mind refers to a state of increased awareness and understanding, where one can see beyond the limitations of their beliefs and experiences. On the other hand, allowing the government to control one’s mentality means surrendering to external influences and losing control over one’s thoughts. In this scenario, external forces shape the individual’s perspective rather than their inner wisdom and understanding. Therefore we reflect on where we stand in this spectrum and strive towards self-awareness and enlightenment rather than relying on external forces of control and influence.

I am fifty-one years of age; I love this stage so much that I burst with joy daily. I am in my middle years and feel and act like an adult.

I am an independent thinker.

I appreciate the government doing my thinking for me, but I would like to decline. You see, I am strong, independent, and able to think for myself. I do not require an external force to tell me what to think or believe. Enlightenment of the mind appeals, but the government of the mentality does not.

Adults succumb easily to mind control by those in power who push fear and scarcity onto the general public. None of us would like to admit that we have been programmed or brainwashed, yet that happens when we switch on our television programs. People are programmed to be in fear, worry, and lack.

Conscious souls lead the way forward with lamp in hand, trusting the path ahead.

Photo by Douglas Raggio on Unsplash

The television went off in the house during the summer of 2020. I could no longer stomach the daily fear-mongering. I thought, ‘How can any population thrive from a place of fear?’. Of course, the conscious know that a population driven into fear will never harvest fruits.

What happened next is nothing short of amazing. The consciousness amongst us began to rise. We awakened, and soon after came the grieving for an old world we saw leaving. Those that pushed the heavy fear caused the push further to lightness and love.

Today it is a given that love has surpassed fear. The future feels exciting, more connected, and supported. We have aligned, each holding the same vision for the earth. Each of us has a unique role, and we intuitively know what to do. The conscious lead the way ahead, and it looks breathtakingly beautiful. A fruit tree can only bear fruit when nurtured with love, nourishment, and tenderness.  

Thank you for reading my friends.