How can I develop a relationship with God and what are the benefits?

Imagine you're knocking on someone's door. The first thing you'd do is introduce yourself and ask the person inside to do the same. Similarly, God is always ready with an open door, waiting for you to reach out.

You can ask and pray to God for anything you need in your life for support. For example, during tough times, instead of praying for strength to endure hardship (which may bring challenging situations to build your strength), you can try praying for joy. If you need understanding on a specific topic, pray for more understanding and support. It's essential to be clear about what you're asking for in your prayers.

Pray with genuine intentions and an open heart. Honesty in your communication with God is crucial.

Understand that the timing of when your prayers will be answered can vary. Sometimes, answers come within seconds, while other times it might take many years. Trust that the timing is always right.

Benefits of Knowing And Develping A Relationship With God

  1. Emotional Support: By entrusting your cares to God, you can find peace knowing that whatever the outcome, it will contribute to your personal growth.
  2. Inner Peace and Joy: As you get to know God and study the Bible while praying and meditating for understanding, you'll experience more inner peace and joy in your life.
  3. Discovering Truth: You'll come to realize that the Bible holds the light of truth and that this truth is already within you.
  4. Simplified Life: You may find that you start simplifying your life, moving away from excessive consumerism, and becoming more grateful for and finding meaning in even the simplest things.
  5. Improved Relationships: Your relationships with friends and family may significantly improve as they notice the positivity and joy in your life, which can inspire and uplift those around you. Your inner peace can lead to more harmonious and fulfilling interactions with others.
  6. Enhanced Patience and Understanding: You'll develop a greater sense of patience and understanding, learning to recognize when to listen and truly hear what a person is attempting to communicate, instead of bringing the focus of the conversation back to yourself. This ability leads to deeper and more meaningful connections with those you interact with.
  7. Radiating Positivity: People will be naturally drawn to your positive energy as they inadvertently see the light within you, making your presence more endearing.
  8. Heightened Awareness: By practicing prayer and meditation, you can develop the ability to recognize varying levels of awareness in others. This heightened mindset can help you when dealing with opposition or challenges.
  9. Unity and Collective Purpose: You will see and appreciate the vastness of human potential and recognize that when people work collectively toward shared goals of love, peace, and unity, the seemingly impossible becomes possible.
  10. Transcending Division: With a deeper spiritual connection, you no longer align with divisive politics or division tactics used by those in positions of power. Instead, your focus shifts towards promoting unity and understanding among all people, thus creating a more harmonious world.
  11. Service to Others: You will increasingly enjoy serving others over yourself, finding genuine joy in helping those in need, and experiencing the warmth in your heart that comes from making a positive impact in the lives of others.
  12. Inner Strength and Resilience: You will be strengthened by the word of truth, understanding the importance of standing firm in your core values, and not accepting external pressures or disrespect that may come to challenge your knowledge. 
  13. Acceptance of Change: You may find that not everyone can come with you on your spiritual growth journey, as some may not feel comfortable with change. Instead of feeling hurt, you will recognize what is happening and be encouraged to move past it more quickly because you are grounded in the truth. This understanding enables you to navigate personal growth with greater resilience and ease.

“Faith is a living, daring confidence in God's grace, so sure and certain that a man could stake his life on it a thousand times." - Martin Luther.

Written by Lisa Precious- Copyright Reserved