When everything is going well in life, things fall into place effortlessly. We can see our path ahead, life is easy, and good things are happening to us. During these times, we might feel a bit smug, like we have everything figured out.

Although, life doesn't always go as planned, right? Many obstacles can show up and make us feel stuck, frustrated, and unsure of where to go.

These moments when life feels stuck and not moving forward can teach us about ourselves if we look for the positive side. 

Stay Humble

For example, when I wanted to become a black belt in kickboxing, I had a clear goal, and things were going really well for the first few months. I thought I had got it all figured out. I became ‘smug’.

Then on one occasion, I attempted to do an advanced kick without learning the correct technique first. What happened? I fell, and my knee made a popping sound. I kept going, even though it was a silly thing to do. Later, I found out I had torn a part of my knee called the cruciate ligament, meaning I had to wait a long time for surgery and then spend about nine months in rehabilitation. Well that taught me!

Never Quit

Many people told me to give up my goal of getting a black belt, but I didn't listen. I kept going to classes and changed how I trained because of my knee. The important lesson I learned was to slow down, learn each move carefully, and take my time. 

As time passed, I had the surgery, and the recovery went by quickly. In the end, I still managed to reach my goal of getting a black belt in two years. I came out of the experience stronger and wiser, and shortly after trained to be a kickboxing instructor.

Moments in life when we feel stuck are usually seen as frustrating or negative. We all know that feeling of annoyance when stuck in a big traffic jam, and we have somewhere important to be. But do you want to know how being stuck in life can help you? So that the next time you find yourself stuck, you can see it as a positive experience?

Six important lessons

  1. Acceptance:  When you feel stuck, accept your situation without judgment. Recognise that it's a part of life, and acceptance is the first step towards finding the right solutions.
  2. Patience: Develop patience by being present in the moment. Patient people learn not to react to challenging circumstances, with the certainty that everything passes eventually. Some deep breathing, prayer, and meditation can help you stay calm and focused, allowing you to endure challenges with a calm composure.
  3. Self-Control: When you're stuck, set boundaries for yourself to prevent impulsive reactions. Take a moment to think before acting or responding, which will improve your self-control in challenging situations.
  4. Endurance: View your challenge as an opportune time to put yourself to the test of endurance. Accept any feelings that arise, and challenge yourself to practice patience in difficult situations. 
  5. Resourcefulness: Don't be afraid to ask for help from others. Leveraging the experiences and knowledge of others can enhance your resourcefulness. You may even discover resources within yourself that you didn't even think of.
  6. Flexibility & Adaptability: Understand that feeling stuck often requires you to adapt and be flexible to changing circumstances. Remain open-minded to new ideas and innovative ways forward, which can help you discover creative solutions. 

Sometimes, the 'stuck in the mud' moments help us discover new aspects of our personalities we didn't know we possessed. We have no choice but to be resourceful or think of new, innovative ways to go forward.

Eventually, the traffic will move again, or you may discover a slip road that takes you on a new and more exciting route you'd never seen before.

You are unique and powerful, and that's why you are here- Lisa Precious 

At Smiley Blue, we acknowledge many growth journeys are through adversity. We encourage you through our teachings to use this as a powerful tool in the box to assist you to grow to your highest potential.

Copyright Reserved- Written by Lisa Precious