Revisit the wound

We all carry inner wounds and have the scars etched on our hearts.

We must allow ourselves to take the time to sit and merge with ourselves. That part of you once wounded; you can still touch and locate the scar within, feeling the rough edges, still there, now smoother.

These scars are now etched on the heart for a lifetime, healed over, yet now a part of you. We can still visit the scar and wish it wasn’t there, but it is, and as times passes, we learn to accept our inner wounds and scars.

The wound is a reminder that we once experienced sorrow. What do we learn about ourselves when we revisit the wound?

Take a look within; what are you feeling. Look into the pain you experienced.

What arises within you that still needs to be released?

  1. Is it the realisation that you are still holding onto deep sadness and sorrow? Then allow yourself to feel those emotions and release them when they arise.
  2. Do you wish you had never had the experience? Not everyone gets to receive a fair life path. Bad things do happen to good people. We have a choice each day to choose how we respond to the difficult challenges we experience.
  3. Are you feeling a sense of gratitude and growth tinged with sadness? You have come such a long way; sadness is not a negative emotion; it is a positive emotion to feel the sadness and release it as necessary. You know that the wound has led to your spiritual growth, and enriched your life experience. Despite a bit of sorrow, you can give gratitude and forgive.

As I gaze into the depths of her wound,

A surge of emotion, profound,

Up springs growth, maturity, and grace,

Her beauty carved smooth, a brand new face,

She turns to love, seeking calm and ease,

No longer burdened by the weight of love’s sister,

The wound now smoothed over, though the scar remains,

A gentle reminder of the time that wanes,

Today, my gift swiftly fleets,

She knows to cherish, life repeats,

Smoothed over now, no longer sore,

She embraced the truth, she couldn’t ignore.

No longer bound by the person of old,

She shed her skin that limited the soul.

For within these wounds, she learned to see,

The very essence of who she was meant to be.