Autumn has commenced its lively dance with nature, and as I sat outdoors with my pot of tea and notebook, the atmosphere inspired me to craft this poem. My hope is for these words to fill your heart with joy and peace.

A smoky aroma fills the air
Life ebbs from dead wood, as the sun loses glare
A gentle breeze whispers on my hair
Warmth surrounds me, sensing tender care

Crackling fire, my heart desire 
Kindling love in candlelit hue
A glass of red brings warmth to our cheeks 
Prayers said, for our daily bread

The light of the sun soon dim 
Clear sky, a gift, a spiritual lift
Open air, yet what is there?
Nothing and everything, woven in oneness

Delighted in a trance, as I dance with the fall
Autumn catches me so aware 
Cobwebs spun with silver threads
Glistening blankets cast the spider’s lair

Crystal clear night 
Diamonds above, beckon me to stare 
This time of year, such beauty, and so rare 
To catch a gem in the dark sky

All who love to waltz with fall 
Know nature sleeps soon, in tranquil slumber
For another season, comes a twirl 
we whirl on our feet for a spin with the Spring.

Copyright Reserved, Poetry written by- Lisa Precious