Getting out of your own way and into full alignment.

Open the door to a fresh beginning

At any given moment in our lives, we can choose to begin fresh.
Your life does not have to be the same routine.
Many are comfortable with their lives yet never search for deeper meaning or endeavor to come out of their comfort zone to embrace something new and challenging.

When we write or paint a picture, we often make a blunder; it is very frustrating, however with patience and examination, we can rip up and start again.
We can do the same with our lives, yet most fear mistakes.
Do we ever really get it wrong? Or are we just continually learning, growing, and expanding?

Why would any of us waste a moment of our precious lives not happy?
We get caught up in unconscious behaviors, forming attachments to people and places that no longer serve us, knowing deep down it’s time to release, yet we hang on because it is old and comfortable.

Forming Patterns

Human behaviors create patterns which can lead to great growth or demise.It is therefore paramount to become fully conscious of the dangers around repeating the old worn out patterns which will ultimately shape our future growth and health.
Patterns formed from a place of loving intention are beautiful and mesmerizing whilst patterns formed from a place of fear and anger are dark and destructive.

Photo by Zdeněk Macháček on Unsplash

A large part of connecting to the higher self to the true nature of your being is learning to get out of the way of you and stepping into trust with the path ahead of you.

When we take a moment to think about that, all sorts of thoughts crop up. The mind attempts to hold you back from your true nature.

Teaching the ego mind takes continual practice; once we become aware and conscious, it gets easier to dissolve limiting beliefs.

What would you paint on your canvas for your life ahead? How do you picture your ideal life, and where do you start to go about obtaining it?

The most powerful tool is to visualize yourself in that place. Meditate or ponder on the vision. It goes without saying that unless you take action toward the outcome, then nothing will happen.

The actions you take must be in alignment with the purity of your being. All you need to do next is flow your inner waters toward the desired outcome.

Does it mean it’s all gone wrong when obstacles present themselves in the path?

There will potentially be many setbacks on our journey; the key is to learn patience and acceptance, and trust that whatever the outcome, it will serve your highest growth.

We can either flow our inner waters in a forward direction or swim against our life path because we allow our heads to rule our hearts.

Remember your past, not with sorrow; the past was part of your flow to greatness. — Lisa Precious

Walking the path of Christ

At any time of our choosing, we have the free will to walk through the door to the light. A person of the light does not need to step back when the darkness within is healed and transmuted.

Always leave a lamp on for others when they want to come home in the dark. — Lisa Precious

Walking the path of Christ we know that everything we ever need is already within us. There is nothing for you to have to figure out when the path is already laid out for you.

There is no need to seek answers in the external world; everything you ever needed to know is within.

Imagine how your life looks when aligned with yourself with trust for your path ahead. There is nothing to fear or worry about. You know you are exactly where you need to be at any one moment.

Earth is your training ground so that you will ultimately realise who and what you are.
Releasing and dissolving attachments to the externals is all a necessary part of your walk home.