Written By Damien House

In the Beginning…


Yes, if you think that is what you think it is, you are correct. No, this is not going to become a sermon, but it will empower you to look at your entire life differently.

Are you and the baby strapped in? Okay, let’s do this.

Setting the Tone

I think I have an idea of why the Bible starts like this. People can debate whether the world is good or bad, difficult or easy to maneuver, or just about any idea they want. I do, however, think that there is no debate about this idea right here:

This is a world of possibility.

What I mean by this is anything can happen in this world, and no one can determine whether that has a positive or negative connotation, they can only perceive it.

When I woke up this morning and began my day, anything could happen, and that is still true, even as I write this. Of course, I want positive things to occur, but what I said before is a profound litmus test to improve your life, and I will tell you why.

Positive Thinking Loading…

This story starts like this because the beginning shows where you can look inside yourself to find your inner guidance. It explains that at first the Earth was void, and there was darkness on the face of the deep, to paraphrase. What is profound is that the creator is telling us here how you think positively.

If there is a feeling of darkness or emptiness, this is the reference point, not where you stay, but where you look to guide yourself in this life. After this, the supernatural entity says let there be light.

If there is a feeling of light, you know you are following a positive, forward-moving path. Doesn’t it send chills down your back that this entity never again describes the Earth as dark and void?

Okay, this may have turned into a little sermon, and here comes my tie-in.

Pause for dramatic effect.

And That Means

You may be perceiving what is happening in your life as a struggle, and you may feel “ Why me?”, or,“ If only I…” and yes, there are challenges in life per the contract you signed. I in no way am saying to act delusional about that, but what I am saying is the first miracle of the world, no matter what religion or practice or whether you have a belief in anything, is this:

Something from nothing.

Yes, three words again. If you think, it's really one of the most obvious things ever, because in your everyday life, when someone asks you what you are doing, and you are just sitting there, you start the sentence with, “Nothing” not even giving it a second thought.

What I am saying is the only direction available is forward, and everything that comes into your life, as the creation story shows, is just growth and expansion. When you begin to have that mindset, the only way you can go is forward. Learn, grow, and look to get better at something every day, and look for the light in your heart, and you have no choice but to move forward.


If you search within for the light in your heart, you will glide easily in the right direction. It’s not about the correct technique, prayer, or meditation. Sure, those are all beneficial, and I encourage you to do them, but what really helps you grow is to work from the light within you. Work from abundance, because there is no external search. Then, your dreams will blossom like never before.

We would like to thank Damien House for kindly providing this article for Smiley Blue.

My name is Damien, I am a psychology major in the last year of my bachelor's degree. I delved into spirituality a couple of years ago when I realized that college, while offering valuable facts and a solid vocational education, did not provide me with an understanding of myself and my divine purpose. My current mission is to offer enjoyable ways of empowering people, encouraging them not only to acquire knowledge but also to explore and understand themselves more deeply.

Author-Damien House-Photo Provided With Permission

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