After watching the news, which leads me to believe that there is so much for me to fix

The monthly theme at the Life Enrichment Center, the Spiritual Center that I attend, sometimes is The Power of Trust. Just what is trust, anyway?

I’m glad you asked! Trust is just another word for Faith which is just another way of saying Belief. How do we get this Trust/Faith/Belief? This is where CBA comes into play.

We first Conceive the idea of what we want, in this case, that there is a Higher Power that works only for our best interests and does it 24/7/365. Some may call this a dream but call it what you will, just start with the idea that this is what you wish.

Next, look around you and observe and listen to others who have had life as tough as you have, many having even more difficult lives. See that they are now seemingly Happy, Joyous, and Free. Listen to what they say what they did and still do now to get and keep this attitude.

Just know that, if they could reach some semblance of joy, you may also if you do what they suggest. “If they can do it, so can I!” Now comes the time to Believe that if they can do it so can you.

After Conceiving and Believing, comes Achieving. This is when the initial idea comes to fruition and now you know, feel, trust, taste, believe, and have faith that it can and will happen to you.

You will not only know that it can and will work for you, but you will know because you feel with every fiber of your body that it is happening now! Now, how can you use this in your everyday life?

Use the spiritual portion of the program in ALL of your affairs, not just at meetings, places of worship, or when things are going well. When they go well, say “God, thank you.”

When depressions or lows appear, say “God, help me,” and then just move onto the next right thing.

Iam truly blessed to be Happy, Joyous, and Free and no one or nothing will bring me down. As Reverend Stephanie Sorensen said recently, this all is an “inside job.” You can not make me happy or sad. Only I and my reactions to things control this in me.

The Serenity Prayer does not say to ask others for peace, joy, or serenity but to seek it inside. It says that we do this by having the wisdom to know the difference between what we can change and what we can not.

If it is me, I can change it. If it is not me, I can’t change it. SIMPLE, huh? I can not fix the world’s problems. When I was alone, I was with my biggest enemy. Now, when alone, I am with my best friend. You can not make me happy or sad, only I can accomplish that.

Thank you, God!

This article was provided with the kind permission of James Boylan. You can reach out to him via the links below. 

I am Jim Boylan and my last drink was September 20, 1976. The program of Alcoholics Anonymous has saved my life. I won’t tell you what to do but I will let you know how to be Happy, Joyous, and Free EVERY DAY. 

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