How God had called me as a child

“We are on a path, there is no doubt about it.” - Lisa Precious


For most of my life, I had no idea why I was here or what my purpose was.
My family would laugh and joke that I did not hit the grades at school, not meaning to hurt me, just a joke that wore a bit thin. I had no intention of becoming a doctor or a solicitor so they could have the daughter they wanted.
I never regretted anything of the choices I made; why would I?

South Africa

In 1982, we visited South Africa; my Dad did work and business there. It is a beautiful country that left a profound mark on me.

I recall the mesmerizing sunsets over the Indian ocean. When you see that sight, it never leaves you. You capture the moment in the mind’s eye like a photograph, never to be forgotten.

I remember South Africa very well; it was a beautiful country full of injustice. Even at the young tender age of nine and later eleven, I knew segregation was wrong; nobody had to tell me.

There was a super cool clothes shop in Durban called Smiley Blue. My elder sister bought some trendy clothes there. I desperately wanted to be old enough to wear and fit into the same outfits. I recall a neon blue smiley face on the wall; something imprinted on me, and I never forgot that cheerful smiley sign.

Tiger Shark Photo by Jeremy Lanfranchi on Unsplash

The sea in South Africa was abundant with life. I was fascinated by the marine life there, especially the tiger sharks and great whites.

Did I mention Lion’s Head Mountain in Cape town?, Like a crouching lion, the mountain sits between Table Mountain and Signal Hill. It is a majestic sight to see, and never forgotten.

Spiritual Awakening

Now, let's forward thirty years to the year 2011. My father has passed away after a prolonged period of suffering, and I am devastated. Realizations hit me, which commence my spiritual awakening that has continued ever since.

Leaving the family

My mother and I endured a very difficult relationship for many years. She passed away only three years later following my father. There were no goodbyes, and I finally walked away from my dysfunctional family to create a whole new life.

Many people have left my side along the way of my spiritual growth journey. I have known deep betrayal, psychological abuse, loss, and abandonment. I have known broken.

“I want people to know that God never leaves your side, especially in hard times. I see it is in the depths of despair we dig up the treasures within ourselves” - Lisa Precious

Scotland Our New Home

I created Smiley Blue in 2022, some forty years after my South Africa visit.
Seeing the world becoming more and more divided. I was working through my spiritual awakening and coming through what I realise now was a dark night of the soul.

Photo by Peter Cordes on Unsplash

We moved four hundred and forty-five miles away from my hometown in Nottinghamshire to the Scottish Highlands to live in the vast countryside. My spiritual growth has accelerated rapidly here living amongst the incredible beauty of nature.

Smiley Blue was born with the purpose of spreading smiles and joy across the Earth. Many of us have faced challenging journeys in life, and it became clear to me that without dedicating time to healing our past traumas through inner work, progressing towards a life filled with positivity and joy would be futile.

We delve into the realms of spirituality and conscious practices, driven by a profound desire to share our spiritual gifts to nurture the growth of all individuals.

Gone are the days of being entrenched in the old paradigm of selfish gains. Instead, we embrace a new approach, where we prioritize the collective growth of all participants.

Our aspiration is that everyone engaging with us contributes to one another's growth, fostering a community built on support, compassion, and mutual development.

“I realised I had known all along since childhood that God was calling me to service.” - Lisa Precious

Thank you for reading- It is my hope that you find the deserved peace, love and joy in your heart, no matter what you have had to endure through life.

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