Without discipline, we do not function at the optimum level.

Be A Disciple

Stones can feel cold to the touch or warmed by the heat of fire or the sun, retaining the heat energy for some time.

Sometimes people can appear cold-hearted on the exterior, but like a stone, your warmth and energy may stay with that individual; they may even discover they enjoyed the warmth of your company, deciding they’d like more.

To improve as a human being takes continuous work to become an improved version of our former selves daily, lighting the path for ourselves and others.
It takes daily discipline to improve, to be disciples of our improvement and a disciple of our creation.

Marriage And Family

The failure rate of marriages today is at a disappointingly high rate of between 40–50%.

Marriage is a journey of commitment to grow together as a couple through the good times and the bad.

We can all reminisce at the first euphoric heady days of love as we looked at the world through rose-tinted spectacles, dreaming together of our lives ahead, the trips we plan to take, and how we will raise our children if we plan on having them.

What happens a few years into the marriage is that reality hits and petty arguments can begin as a result of frayed tempers when one partner feels the other isn’t pulling their weight.

When children enter into the marriage, the whole dynamic shifts. Usually, the mother is tired and pulled in so many directions that the relationship easily slips to the bottom of the list of chores already as long as the arm.

The husband can feel that he no longer gets the attention at home he once received.

One partner may feel their freedom has disappeared whilst the other partner continues to enjoy life and free time similarly to the way they did before children.

Relatives can bring another set of problems into a marriage, especially without firm boundaries in place, or perhaps we go through a parental health decline whilst attempting to work and raise a family.

Financial problems emerge from time to time as one partner loses a job or unexpected bills arrive.

All these issues arise in a marriage removing the initial effects of the rose-tinted spectacles.

A marriage cannot sustain without discipline and practice to commit to making it work. Each couple has to treat their respective partner as individual human beings worthy of respect, allowing each other to show up as their true authentic selves.

When we choose to raise a family, there is no more independence; both parents commit to raising dependents.

Adults must recognize that their lives will change irreversibly; there is an adjustment period to become accustomed to. It’s not easy.

Children are able to possess the same discipline you give to your marriage, with strong core values, morals, and integrity.

Technology or teachers in school are not responsible for raising children with these attributes.

Health Discipline

The Commitment to nourishing your mind and body with healthy food, exercise, and good thoughts is the foundation of self-discipline. Without physical and mental practices like meditation, the mind and body will not perform at optimum levels.

Your long-term health will most likely be the result of the actions you have taken and external stressors received over many years. Stress is one of the biggest destroyers of health. Today we are living lives that do not support mental health and well-being.

Many humans have forgotten their connection to God and nature, preferring to seek external thrills and highs that ultimately come with the inevitable lows until the next thrill. All this comes at a cost to our health.

If humans were connected to their divine nature and life’s purpose then we would not see the world as it is today. People would not need to feel that they need to vacate their lives.

Business Discipline

Growing your business takes long-term commitment, time, and energy. If you don’t breathe life-force energy into your business, it won’t be long until complacency and stagnation set in.

It isn’t uncommon to see this in businesses, gradually becoming resistant to change, innovation and stuck in old ways.
The trap comes when we see a healthy level of success and the business becomes too comfortable.

Discipline does not guarantee overnight success, only continued persistence does that and remembering that seeds take time to grow. Then with nourishment and the right conditions, everything eventually grows.


To experience profound growth, actively seek to be disciplined in all areas of your existence.

10 Top Tips For Practicing Discipline

  1. Commit to nourishing the body with healthy, simple fresh foods. Always keep good staples in your pantry for times when you are rushed so that you can create a quick and simple dinner using simple ingredients.
  2. Move the body daily to stay in flow and to avoid stagnation. Gym sessions are not required every day, though some form of movement is highly beneficial, especially outdoors.
  3. Connect to nature for improved mood and well-being.
  4. Quit watching TV dramas and news or absorbing anything that does not serve your mind growth.
  5. Make time for your relationship. Turn off distractions, cook each other a meal, go for a picnic, or work out together. Do something you both used to love doing before life got in the way.
  6. Allow at least 5 minutes a day for quiet meditation. Seeking guidance and knowledge within is highly beneficial, strengthening your faith and connection to God.
  7. Pray and give gratitude for everything.
  8. Dissolve relationships that attempt to hold you back.
  9. Take responsibility for everything that happens in your life. Nobody owes you anything.
  10. Commit to your appearance and cleanliness daily. Just because nobody will see you doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wash and dress for your own well-being.