Nothing worthwhile happens without great challenges

The 1% Mindest?

We all want to reach the dizzying heights of success, yet few are prepared to do what it takes to get there.

The majority of people don’t like challenges, preferring to stay caught in the false security net of their comfort zone.

Have you heard that if you want to be in the 1% of the population, do what the 99% aren't doing? Do you know why only 1% of the population embarks on this journey? It takes a certain mindset to be able to accept the challenge.

Spiritual growth and entrepreneurship are a side-by-side walk in the upwards direction; involving a climb, often in unfavorable conditions, which can change at any moment.

We will fail time and time again, doors close in our faces, and friends will leave our side, preferring the old you that used to be on a level with them. You, however, know your purpose and that you must continue with or without people by your side.

You will be judged and mocked for your big vision. Family members and friends might try to pull you back, telling you to go and get a proper job as you repeatedly fail.

There are a few things God will give you on this path

  1. Strength, 2. Courage, 3. Resilience, 4. Patience, and 5. Faith in your ability to succeed.

Have you ever been on a hike, and as you walk on a sunny day at ground level, you can see mountains with snow on the peaks in the distance? The reason very few people venture up there is because it is harsh, uncomfortable, lonely, and challenging.

The spiritual growth journey is a path that you know you must walk. This climb takes unwavering faith and trust in the divine light that is guiding you in the upwards direction. Once you commence, there is no turning back; continuing with your new understandings.

Some of us will not accept a life that is normal by societal standards. We see a different way, hold a distinct vision, and proceed to go get it.

The Divine Purpose

Knowing within that we are here for a higher divine purpose, we accepted God’s challenge, with his guidance and light guiding us. I have noticed over recent years that there is a growing number of highly conscious individuals awakening to their divine gifts and inner calling to co-create a new future that is beneficial to humanity.

There is something unique about these individuals; a divine spark lights up their eyes and radiates through them.

God works in spectacular ways to align us together as we transition from the old paradigm of, What’s in it for me to What’s in it for all'

Do we ever reach the top?

We reach peaks of success at different levels on the climb and continuously aim toward God.

On reaching new heights, pause and observe the views from this new level of higher awareness

Although reaching new heights of awareness may initially be challenging,  arriving at your new heightened level, there is a sense of calm, strength, and confidence.

The higher altitudes beyond after the initial climb aren't so high. The hardest part is ground zero, the scariest part staying there.