A gentle poem and reminder to turn our hearts to love in all our endeavours

The blues, the down times and the sadness always leads to inner healing and growth. Allow yourself to feel and move all the energy of raw emotion associated with loss and grief as part of the healing journey. Eventually, after some time, you will discover you are able to smile again.

Love is all we have, when you depart
Scented roses linger
Memories from the heart
All that I have is the fragrance of you
Fading remnants of a love held dear
Fresh petals left to wither
That's all I have to show
Letters on a page, a note to self
Echoes of your presence
You're gone, now left behind
Standing on shore, yearning for more
All I have are petals of you
To carry your grace
The fragrant essence, now a breeze in the air
Tender whispers of your love and care
Tears in the shower, they wash away
Gone with the wind, in my heart they stay
Love is all we have
It stays fresh in my heart
A flame, until I depart

Poem by Lisa Precious all copywright reserved