This September I will be putting my once incapable feet to the test by walking 500 miles on the Camino de Santiago to help raise funds for people experiencing grief and trauma. By supporting me, you’re helping to build a platform for people seeking support and much-needed guidance – you're helping to form a worldwide community of healing, hope, and human connection through my up-and-coming publication, Smiley Blue.

SmileyBlue is an independent publication and unique hub where your mind meets success, guiding people through their darkest hours. I created Smiley Blue with the sole purpose of spreading more smiles and joy around the world.

My aspiration is to shift the old paradigm of selfish gains to embrace a new approach where we prioritise the collective growth of all.

In February of 2020, I faced my own challenge, I was no longer able to walk without severe pain and needed urgent surgery to correct both my feet.

Together, we can ensure that no one faces grief or trauma alone and that every individual has the opportunity to rediscover their joy and purpose in life.

Grief and trauma are universal human experiences, touching nearly all of us at some point in our lives. Through my own journey with severe emotional challenges and encounters with those who've endured devastating losses, I've come to understand the profound sense of isolation and disorientation that often follows. Many find themselves anxious and lost, their hopes, dreams, and expectations suddenly shattered.

Donate here: GoFundMe

In these dark moments, connecting with others who can truly understand can be transformative, yet finding that support remains extremely difficult.This is why I'm passionately committed to creating a community through my publication, Smiley Blue.

Our forward mission is to build a safe, nurturing space where individuals can:

1. Discover others who share similar experiences and challenges.

  1. Form meaningful connections with those who truly understand.
  2. Rebuild trust in life through shared experiences.
  3. Embark on new adventures, such as travel or nature hikes, with compassionate companions.
  4. Learn from content and articles on our site that might be the light an individual needs to succeed.

Join us in building this vital community. Your contribution will directly impact lives, offering solace and renewed hope to those who need it most. My entire journey on the Camino de Santiago will be documented on our site for you to follow and your contributions will be visible as I complete milestones. I plan to inspire others during this walk to step forward and join our community of people healing together, not alone.

Donate here: GoFundMe