Feed your mind and body the purest of thoughts and minerals

Your physical body is your water vessel. The human vessel contains around 60% water. Clearly, you prefer to drink only pure water free of contaminants.

Apply this way of thinking to the physical body as a whole. A well-functioning physical water vessel needs only the purest of thoughts, vitamins, and minerals for a healthy, vibrant existence.

The Hijacking Of Health For Profit

Today’s world does not align with the fundamentals of maintaining pure health in mind and body. The big pharmaceutical and food industries have hijacked what it truly means to be able to live vibrantly and healthily.

We have fast, mass-produced, plastic-wrapped, packaged food on demand containing little or no life-source energy on every street, supermarket, and drive-through.

It is a rare and beautiful sight to stumble upon a cafe or shop with good homemade, homegrown organic fare. Sadly, all the good stuff we should be eating is exorbitantly priced for most people.

There are solutions but eating for health requires some effort and a little bit of skill and planning. Today, so many have never learned how to prepare and create simple, inexpensive, healthy meals using only a few ingredients.

In conventional animal agriculture, it is common to use antibiotics and hormones. Mass-produced animals are exposed to chemicals, including synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and veterinary drugs. The residue of these substances remains in the animal products such as meat, milk, and eggs, and passes into the human food chain.

Then large amounts of animal waste contaminate the soil, environment, and waterways.

Consuming products with high levels of chemical residues over a long period runs the risk of long-term health effects on humans, including toxicity, endocrine disruption, and a far increased cancer risk.

When animals are continuously exposed to low doses of antibiotics, bacteria evolve and become resistant, making antibiotics less effective in treating human infections.

We are perpetually sabotaging human, animal, and environmental health to grease the wheels of big industry.

The Time Has Come To Change

Humanity cannot and will not be able to continue on the current trajectory without consequence.

We have arrived at the time, whereby it is necessary to make adjustments to bring about the much-needed change.

It is now paramount to look at the fundamentals of life, health, and the ways in which we live in society.

Beginning with educating our young people, and showing them who and what they are.

The Human Mind Programs

The human mind has been programmed from an early age to believe and trust in greater authority.

Taught what to learn without question, placing blind trust in the system.

This old system keeps the highest human potential enslaved and depressed. A system that is rigorously defended, anyone found attempting to question it is persecuted.

This slave mindset is so deeply rooted in the consciousness of humans that it is extremely difficult to dig up deep-rooted belief systems, even if those systems sabotage life itself.

The Water Vessel

The human mind and body is a vessel of water. For the vessel to maintain optimum levels of health, we have to be conscious of all the stuff we allow our minds and bodies to consume.

The purer the water vessel is, the greater the chance of long-term health and living joyfully.

Joy and abundance are your birthrights; we are not supposed to live in a polluted, toxic chemical, medicated world.

Here are some of my helpful tips for optimum health

  1. Be aware of any fear-based programs, films, and news. Ask yourself, does this information benefit me and my life?
  2. Avoid gossip, and people’s dramas that drag you down.
  3. When your vessel is replenished and pure, then you are in a position to help others who are thirsty. Self-care always comes first, or you will end up drained.
  4. Consume tiny amounts of salt rich in trace minerals like Celtic sea salt or Himalayan rock salt. Avoid all table salt that contains additives, including anti-caking agents like sodium ferrocyanide or potassium iodide, which are not naturally present in unrefined salts.
  5. Avoid mass-produced meat and products.
  6. Without movement, your inner waters stagnate. Water is fluid, seeping into anything, take actions in alignment with pure intention. Movement is vital for health.
  7. Avoid alcohol as much as possible, and certainly never binge drink. Heavy drinking over-taxes the body and pollutes your vessel, leaving you with a weakened immune system and at risk of long-term health problems.
  8. Look into the why’s when it comes to your health. Before you commence a medication, fix the root cause of the why. A polluted mind and body are rarely healthy.
  9. Living in towns and cities does not benefit surrounded by noise, light, and air pollution. Seek out the tranquil areas and find a spot where you are able to absorb some nature.
  10. Work on the purity of your inner mind and body then the exterior will look after itself because you will be glowing.
  11. Consider some Bible study, or make time for quiet contemplation.
  12. Every morning before you begin the day, breathe in fresh air outside and give gratitude for life.
  13. At night, give thanks for the day and the lessons it brought and pray.
  14. Eat fresh colorful foods, avoid foods in plastic packaging, fast foods, and canned fizzy drinks. If you eat bread, think about investing in a bread maker, you can control the ingredients.
  15. Every human should have access to fresh water, modern society simply can’t access pure mountain water. Try to avoid drinking out of plastic bottles. Consider crystallized water or adding herbs, slices of cucumber, or lemon. Perhaps invest in a water distiller or drink from a glass or copper bottle. Copper has antimicrobial properties and is shown to have antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal effects.
  16. If you can’t grow vegetables, grow fresh herbs on your windowsill. All herbs have medicinal, healing properties.
  17. Eating consciously does not mean restriction. You will naturally feel more satiated, healthier, and content when you eat home-cooked fresh food.
  18. Sit down and list all of the behaviors and thoughts you are doing and thinking that are sabotaging your well-being. Commit to change one or two at a time, then the changes are more sustainable.

It is not easy to live an unpolluted life in a polluted world. Small steps at first can lead to big changes and a sense of greater health and well-being.