Betrayal can be part of your spiritual growth journey


Betrayal is certainly a tray of unpleasantness. The act of betrayal is not only the betrayal of you, furthermore a lie to themselves. It is hard enough when the betrayal is a stranger but even harder when it is a loved one or people close to you.

The cold truth and lessons here are that they were not thinking of you when they betrayed you, thought only of themselves and believed they could get away with it.

The greatest tray you can serve back is your own self-respect and self-worth. Many will tell you to let it go. There will be grief and anger before you can use the betrayal to empower you to become full of your self-worth.

Let It Go

I vividly remember well-meaning friends would say to me, “You have to let it go”. I would cry, “where is the book that tells me how to let it go?” I searched to discover the book I could not find it.

I recall spiritual friends telling me, “Wrap them in golden light and wish them well” Of course, I knew I was carrying fiery anger around with me that was a destructive force, destroying my inner world and my external relationships.

The fire of anger burned strongly that it was a raging inferno that ultimately brought me to my knees, overcome by the flames of anger and despair.

I still don’t have the book that tells me how to “let it go”.

I have found tools that help support the process that can take some people weeks, months or even years.

Anger Is Your Fuel

The anger you feel is a powerful emotion. Your anger can be the driving force to support your growth and ultimate healing. Firstly really ask yourself, is my anger justified? Or are you projecting something you need to heal from within onto another? There are no excuses for betrayal. The people who betrayed us not only lied to you but to themselves too. Betray me, betrayal (it is in the word)

Healing Within

Sorry, here is the kicker, the cold hard truth. We cannot expect those that betrayed us to change. We have to do our inner work to heal. We experience feelings of despair, desperate to know the why? You most likely will never receive an answer to that question. The best tray you can serve back after a betrayal is your self -respect.

The Spiritual Growth Lesson

I never thought I would come to a place of gratitude after betrayal. Betrayal transpired to be my friend. We can learn so much about ourselves during the healing years.

Betrayal forces us to take a good long hard look at ourselves. I had been a walkover most of my life; I cared more about what people thought about me than I cared about myself.

My self-worth became paramount over my emotions. Live by this mantra; Stress and dis-ease in the body create disease. My stomach was in knots; I was manifesting problems with digestion. Betrayal is hard to stomach.

I have been called hard and mean for the mental strength to stand in who I am but isn’t that what spiritual growth is? Standing in who we are no matter what people say or think.

Recognize we are all on this growth path, and those that serve the self are still in service to us. We can learn the ultimate growth lesson and move from victim to empowered when we discover our value.

Tools that supported my healing

  1. Connecting and aligning with a spiritual guide or coach
  2. Reading spiritual books
  3. Prayer and meditation
  4. Healthy eating
  5. Exercise in nature
  6. Daily dog walks
  7. Work and talking to people
  8. Professional counselling
  9. Acupuncture
  10. Faith in God