Recently, Lisa Precious the founder of Smiley Blue had the pleasure of experiencing ACMOS ™ energy healing with the world renowned Carol Robertson. 

Carol is an ACMOS Bioenergetician and a highly respected international teacher of the Acmos method. A health crisis in her own life led her to energy healing. Carol has trained and mentored students globally working in partnership with the International Academy of Bioenergetics in Paris, France to bring ACMOS ™ energy healing to the world.

How does it work?

Have you ever felt like your body is trying to tell you something, but you can't quite decipher the message your body is saying? For instance, perhaps your back or neck constantly aches. 

Every cell, organ, and system in our body stores information – including memories of past traumas and events that may be at the root of our current physical or emotional symptoms.

During an ACMOS ™ session, you may be surprised by the insights revealed about seemingly unrelated problems in your life connected to a root cause. Whether fatigue, pain, or feeling stuck, the body's wisdom sheds light on the underlying causes.

ACMOS ™ works by helping you clear stored traumas, restoring balance to your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. You may well discover that chronic pain or lack of energy is linked to an emotional event that happened a long time ago, and the body has been holding onto it. 

I have recently been active in Acmos group healing sessions. We commence each session in a calm, relaxing environment at home with no distractions. Carol’s soothing voice creates a comfortable space to relax and release anything we no longer need to hold onto. 

During my second session, I was a little uptight at the beginning, yet as the energy of the sessions progressed, I left feeling calm, relaxed, and centred. 

I am now three weeks into the Acmos energy sessions, and I feel more energised with less aching in my joints. The clarity and creativity in my mind have increased, as have the connections in all aspects of my work. I feel even more at ease, trusting in the path and balanced in all areas of my life. 

Carol's website states- “The body when in tune is like a finely tuned orchestra

Imagine a world where everyone is in tune with one another in the frequency of love and authentic being? Well, that vision begins with us working to tune in to ourselves.

To find our more about how ACMOS energy healing can help you, visit Carol Robertson

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