Discovering the Power of Emotion is the Path to Inner Purification and Peace.

The healing journey

Something beautiful and profound happened today whilst in my meditative prayer.
I am shown a vision of a person who is no longer in my life.
Sadly, this individual betrayed my trust in a big way many years ago.

The healing journey for this act of betrayal has taken a very long time.
Naturally, I have allowed myself the time needed to heal. Within that process, I gained knowledge about the healing journey to wholeness.

I have learned great insights about managing anger, betrayal, loss, and grief.

For many years angry nightmares would haunt me as I acted out the scale of my rage in my dreams.

It then occurred to me to pay close attention to my dreams, recognizing there is much to learn about our nightmares.

Choosing to face the anger and walking directly toward it has been the catalyst to shift and purify myself. It occurred to me that avoidance and letting go were not options until I had done the inner clearing work needed.
Anger is a justified reaction and emotion to an experience, however very uncomfortable and painful.

Humans seek comfort and actively want to rid themselves of anything uncomfortable as quickly as possible, often taking the easy route to numb the senses with alcohol, drugs, and medications.

How I healed and let go

There is no quick medicated route to healing other than walking straight towards that which you fear facing.

All emotions must proceed through and out of us, yet society teaches us to believe painful feelings are negative. Our lifestyles condition us to seek the sanctuary of safety and comfort.

I looked at the pain repeatedly, monitoring my emotions and allowing myself to experience what came up. Then as I acknowledged those painful emotions, the tears flowed out of me, recognising there was still more healing practice to come.

The more I allowed myself this space, the quicker the healing came until the day arrived when I felt at peace with the individual concerned.
Reaching the place where I was capable of genuinely praying with pure love for this person as I witnessed the guilt and the shame their soul carries.

I never thought I would reach the stage of “letting go”

Forgiveness has been a long journey of personally heightening my consciousness.

Gratitude evolved as a result of the pain.

Conscious that God would want me to forgive. I worked to do that for myself and the individual concerned.

Indeed, we cannot carry anger and resentment around forever without releasing it because it will create harmful effects in our minds and bodies; however, when we can use these emotions to recognize there are really no negatives, then these immense difficulties can lead us to enlightenment.

All darkness can be transmuted into light

God showed me that we can turn to the light when we choose. No matter what emotion we carry, we can transmute it to light simply by allowing ourselves to repeatedly look and feel the emotion until we clear the energy out of ourselves. It is that same feeling after a storm has passed of refreshment and calm.

All emotions are good; we learn insights into ourselves when we look closely at the difficult and uncomfortable ones.

Walking into the burning fires within ourselves is where we reach purification