Written By James Boylan

For a very long time, I thought that I did not want to die while thinking, “If only Ida.” If only I would have done this or that. If only I would have said this. If only “Ida” done more to help others instead of myself.

So, to counter this, I did a little more here and there. Even though more before speaking sometimes. I Helped someone, and then went home and thought I was a pretty good human after all. Pat myself on the back, maybe.

The bottom line stayed much the same, though. “What’s in it for me?” If there was no “Atta boy” or cha-ching, the next good deed may be a while coming to fruition.

As I dig deeper into my lumbering studies of spirituality, little bits and pieces sometimes remain in my mind like “What will I do if it ever happens again?” or “What would I say in a similar situation.”

I have worked my way past “How can I be more spiritual?” by finally remembering that I can never be one iota more or less spiritual than I am right now.

This is because I was born into this Earthly experience as a spiritual being, and am not an Earthly being having a spiritual experience.

Have you ever been by yourself, maybe walking in the woods or just sitting in your chair, and a thought came to you “out of the blue?”

1.“I wonder how so and so is doing? He/she was seemed down the last time we talked.

2. “I have worked hard all of these years and have never been out of my home state. I wonder what’s out there?”

3. “I bet I could write a better story than the one I just read.”

4. “That song has a great tune, but the lyrics need some work”

5. “I was never a good athlete but I did teach my children how to play catch, and they loved it.”

6. “Maybe someday, sometime, I will try to do some of these things, but not today. I haven’t eaten dinner yet.”

These are some of the things that you shoulda, coulda, or woulda done, but there was always something else that came up. Usually something not very important at all but it kept you from actually doing it.

These are some of the things that, as time is running out in your Earthly experience, leave you thinking, “If only Ida done that!”

Earlier today, I heard it said in another way while listening to Wayne Dyer on YouTube. He said, “Don’t Die With Your Music Still In You.” This is a much smoother way of saying, “If only Ida,” so I just might adopt it.

Now, let’s go back to the 6 scenarios above and do something while you still have some music in you.

1. Call or visit him/her and enter with a smile and exit with a smile. Smiles are contagious and, who knows, they just might catch yours.

2. Pick a spot that you have dreamed about or thought about for years and GO. What do you have to lose besides wonder, as in “I wonder if this place is as wonderful as I have thought.”

3. Sit down at your computer, typewriter, or your kitchen table with a pad and pencil and WRITE. “But, I never wrote before. How do I do it?” I would suggest simply taking a topic that you are interested in and writing your thoughts. “I could swear that my dog just smiled at me.” Take a picture of your happy puppy and use it for inspiration.

4. Hum the great tune until the thought of the right lyric for each passage appears, and it will if you allow it to.

5. You taught your children how to play catch so there are probably many other children who could use the same encouragement. Maybe go to an elementary school and ask if you could help be a recess monitor. Then expand on the monitor role by making recess a teaching moment for learning how to play catch, and whatever else comes to mind. Just keep it simple.

6. A few years ago, Nike had a great advertising slogan, Just do it! You are old enough now to be able to separate yourself from selfish thinking and begin selfless thinking. How, you may ask? JUST DO IT!

I do not wish for you to be an “If only Ida” person or one to die with your music still in you. Bring your song to the world and spread joy to whoever it touches. You will be much richer for it!

Thank you, God!

This article was kindly provided to Smiley Blue with permission of the author - Jim Boylan

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