The growing community of forward-thinking individuals devoted to personal growth and professional success, Smiley Blue, was born to spread love, joy, and smiles across the Earth. Unfortunately, life gives challenging journeys that have the power to break people down and leave them feeling frightened, overwhelmed, and even useless. Every person on the planet goes through times of misfortune when they feel as if the universe has a vendetta against them. Sometimes, when people are in these negative situations, they feel like they are the only ones — as if no one else can understand their plight.

Of course, they are never alone. Aloneness is a trick that egos play on people (that devil). Because the truth is if you are human, you can’t be alone. It’s simply not an option. If you exist, you are a piece of the whole, equal to the whole, and creation is not complete without you. Sadly, issues such as past trauma often put up walls that disallow those who are suffering from seeing such truths. Smiley Blue has made it its mission to tear down those walls — to help you heal from past traumas using inner work, ultimately steering you towards realizing your true purpose. Yes, you have a purpose, even when you feel like there is none. And Smiley Blue is here to help you find that purpose by helping you learn to embody yourself to the fullest.

While still in its early days, the Smiley Blue publication has been built from the ground up by a passionate group who found their purpose to help others. At Smiley Blue, the mantra is that “past trauma may only be healed when we stop running away from it.” Individuals must allow themselves ample space to process their emotional pain to release it and, finally, let it go entirely. However, this takes a profound transformation of thought. Those suffering from such stigmas as past trauma must be able to turn the tables by viewing their negative experiences as opportunities to grow and embody more of who they truly are. In this way, you effectively illuminate the darkness with positive light.

See, all of creation is part of the same source. You can call it God, a higher power, or even just a “source.” You are an integral component of this source, which can be likened to a coin with two sides. On one side, you have heads, or positive, and on the other side, you have tails, or negative. Without one side, the coin is not complete, which signifies that the negative and positive need one another. Once you realize this, you will know that each side serves the other, meaning that your negative experiences are here to serve you. Depending on the extent of past trauma, this realization can be more and more difficult to see.

However, that is exactly what the Smiley Blue publication is here to do: to help you see the glimmer of light that is not at the end of the tunnel but a part of the tunnel itself. At Smiley Blue, it is understood that this shift in perception is what will help you embody more of who you truly are. Stop allowing negative experiences and unpreferable situations to dominate your life, and quit the fear of being judged by others. It is only when one fully embodies who they are and aligns with the higher power that they discover their true purpose and calling in life. Join Smiley Blue and allow yourself to overcome, heal, and enrich all aspects of your life in the most profound ways imaginable.

Published by: Aly Cinco US Reporter

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