Is it who you are, or is it what you do, or both? Most of us don’t know or put enough thought into it to know. By DR Rawson


When someone points out some positive aspect of your personality or something you’ve done, we usually fall back on, “It’s the way I was raised, or “It’s what I know.”

What You Know

This is the answer for me. It’s what I know. I’ve been a serial entrepreneur since I started my first business as an adult at age twenty-one. More than twenty-seven businesses later, I sold my last business to my partners when I was seventy-five. As they say, “I’m retired, or am I?”

I entered the ministry when I was twenty-three and served for twenty-two years. The only way I could be a businessman (globally), a husband, a father of six, and a Mason was to ensure my faith; my spirituality was my number one priority. The business was actually my third priority after my family.

My personal relationship with God intersects with all aspects of my life. He’s my confidant, best friend, and go-to guy when I need advice or help. When I see the needs of others and feel powerless, we have a chat.

I’ve been married to two women for a total of fifty-five years. One was for twenty-six years, and my soul mate, Margaret, for twenty-nine years.

How Did I Get Here?

My own father was kind, loving, forgiving, and a great listener. When he was disappointed in me, he explained why he was and gave me a call to action. Within minutes, he was off discussing something he felt was important for me to know. He was a tool and die maker by trade but a real teacher.

I was nineteen in the Air Force and just a few months from leaving for Vietnam when he died of a massive heart attack. No one expected it because he looked to be in good health, except he smoked about a pack a day. Everyone did in the mid-1960s.

When he passed, my grandfather stepped in from afar. He was my go-to guy on earth. He asked me, “Do you pray?” I said, “For what?” He said, “You should be talking to your father-in-heaven like you talked to your dad and talk to me. He’ll have an even better point of view.”

Everything Changed

At that moment, I realized I had three fathers: my grandfather, my dad, and my father-in-heaven. My understanding of his relationship with me and me to him was no different than with my dad when he was alive, and my grandfather.

I had more help and counsel than I realized. I was never alone. I would always have someone to help me in my darkest hour and in my greatest moment of need.

The worry about my dad's death completely lifted from me. I was not alone.

Business Is Only Part Of What I Know

My view is that we become what we know, experience, and learn along the way. I’ve been in some pretty harrowing situations. Several times, I came close to losing my life. Several times, my decision would have had dire consequences for my family and employees who counted on me.

I’ve been in many situations as a business person, family man, Mason, Clergy, mentor, and counselor; the inspiration I received benefited many people. 

My answer to the question posed in the headline is that spirituality is a part of who I am because of the relationships I’ve had and still have. I’m never alone; if there’s a problem, I can always get help.


Thanks for reading and for your time,

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Image provided by DR Rawson used with permission

This article was provided for Smiley Blue with the permission of DR Rawson.

Mr. Rawson is a retired serial entrepreneur with more than twenty-seven companies to his credit. He's the father of six, grandfather of fifteen, and great-grandfather of six. In retirement, he writes articles, books, and consults.


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