Today is the day to sit and reflect on my intentions for the coming year. After a brisk walk along the coastline this morning, I light the fire, brew my trusty teapot, and quietly settle into my chair. Bobby, my dog, has eaten, my husband practices guitar, and the rest of the family are busy on their computers.

 Right then, some brief and blissful time for me to write. 

Intention Setting 

Setting intentions at this stage in my life doesn't instantaneously come; a lot has changed in a decade. Years ago, my aspirations focused on a different kind of growth, like acquiring possessions such as more jewelry, clothing, and a new car. 

Today, acquiring more possessions has lost its allure and feels meaningless; besides, I live remotely surrounded by only sheep, so who cares? 

Jokes aside, my fifties have been the first time I can honestly claim how I feel genuine gratitude for everything. I admire the view of my life with awe, wonder, and heartfelt appreciation despite working through the past destruction of fiery emotions like grief, anger, betrayal, and loss in my forties. 


 So, what do I want for 2024? I already know I can pull anything I desire towards me when I take focused action toward the goal, but something is missing; this is different-something deeper.

Service and Support

 As I stand on the cusp of moving into the new year, I intend to be of service, focused on giving and developing my character. 

Acknowledging the world can sometimes be treacherous terrain. For those not yet waded through difficult patches, my intention for 2024 is to serve as a guide and give people a helping hand upward, assuring those struggling on the terrain I once navigated that I know they can make it with patience and gentle encouragement. 

A bit of encouragement and support is something we all yearn for sometimes. It feels great when someone appreciates us. 

Not all of us received this in our formative years. We had to learn to navigate ourselves into a world ready to consume the innocent. Many of us learned the hard way, with cuts, bruises, and several car crash episodes. 

The silver lining to painful episodes is that we can use hurt as the driving force to make the world a better place. Through pain, we learn strength, serving as a way to push us to higher places and help others who grapple with similar challenges. 

Supporting an individual to reach the summit of their own success, I want to see their face light up and hear them say, “Wow, I never believed life could be this good.” 

I want that for you, but more than that, I sincerely hope you want to reach your highest potential. Lisa Precious

Now, we can both recognize the skills you developed, knowing you are ready to tackle the next summit of life. 

Are you 2024-ready? Here’s how I worked out my goals for the coming year.


  1. Reflect on Evolving Priorities: Take a moment to reflect on how your priorities have shifted over the years. Consider the goals that once consumed your focus, such as material possessions, and assess how your aspirations have evolved. This reflection can provide insights into what truly matters to you now, serving as a foundation for setting intentions aligned with your current values.
  2. Embrace a Mindful Approach: Whether it's a quiet walk in nature or moments of peace, allow yourself the space to connect with your inner thoughts and feelings. Mindfulness helps to clarify your aspirations for the coming year, providing a deeper understanding of what will bring you fulfillment and purpose.
  3. Consider the Impact on Others: As you set intentions for 2024, think beyond personal achievements and consider how your goals positively impact others. Whether through acts of service, mentorship, or simply being a source of support, focusing on the well-being of others can bring a sense of fulfillment to your aspirations. By aiming for goals that contribute positively, you enhance your own life but also create a ripple effect of positivity.

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