What is love? Feel nine feet tall with a heart full of love.

The Complexity Of Love

Pausing a moment to think about love, the feeling, is it a feeling? Just thinking about it sends a sensation of warmth throughout my whole being.

Love is so complex yet simple, joyful yet excruciatingly painful.

Love is the driving force that motivates me to serve, pouring love from my heart and delivering the gifts I ask for in service to love.

Scents Of Love

Walking past some fragrant flowers and inhaling their scent fills my senses with love and appreciation.

Or, picking up an old teddy bear that still has the lingering smell of a time gone by can evoke feelings of love, tinged with sadness.

Scents evoke love.

Tastes Of Love

We all love good hearty food cooked using wholesome, fresh ingredients. Food somehow tastes better when cooked with tender love and care.

Savoring the moment the taste of your favourite food is delicious.

Good food fuels the heart with love.

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The Feel Of Love

We all sometimes need and appreciate a loving hug. We can feel someone’s love through their touch and warmth toward us.

The sensation of love is a feeling of being wrapped in a warm, protective blanket.

Senses evoke love

The Sound Of Love

What sounds do you love to hear and listen to that make your heart sing?

I love the stillness and silence in the evening when there is no wind in the air and all I can hear is the hum of a bat flying overhead, or deer in the surrounding forest.

Sometimes I love to run or drive to high-energy music, which motivates me to do that bit more.

Hearing our loved ones’ voices as we connect long distances.

I recall singing the lyrics to Thumbelina as a five-year-old child in school. We made finger puppets and waved our hands as we sang the song. Just singing these lyrics multiple times brought love into my heart.

Sounds evoke love

Family Love

Love is the glue that binds our family together as we go about our lives. Often we are separated by distance.

People I have loved dearly brought great pain and heartache. Some of the people I looked to for love and reassurance were unable to provide for my emotional needs growing up.

Although my heart has felt broken several times, the force of love pulled me through and back up again.

Hugging my dog, Bobby warms my heart with love for him. I know he feels it too, making his little groans of appreciation, or trying to hand me a paw to reciprocate his love.

Family brings love whichever way you look at it

Love Is Energy

Love is pure energy; aligning with the frequency of love, it feels that anything is possible.

It feels amazing to feel the warm energy of the sun fueling us like solar panels, absorbing the power.

Watching the sunset over the hills is a magical sight to see as I give gratitude for the day.

Love is all creation.

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Your natural state of being is pure love. Through years of programming we have slowly disconnected from our true nature. Now is the time to reconnect with love and nature’s frequency on earth for a happier state of mind.

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