Why do we feel the need to stand alongside those who share our beliefs? Why do humans naturally gravitate toward those who think similarly? Why might someone who already feels complete within themselves seek validation from external sources?

Truly whole individuals don't require external validation. The most empowered people are content with standing independently. They possess unwavering faith and knowledge, undeterred by the judgments and critiques of others.

Often, when people get caught up in a mindset of judgment and criticism, they seek affirmation from others to bolster their convictions. This behavior resembles a playground dynamic, allowing them to evade their much needed introspection.

Pure love doesn't necessitate the approval or viewpoints of others. It stands unaccompanied, radiating light and brilliance while revealing the shadows in others that need transformation. Love refrains from criticism or judgment; it illuminates others' vulnerabilities instead.

Those who stand alone in their wisdom and strength have historically become targets of persecution. Never fear standing alone in your wisdom. Let others inevitably pass judgments and critiques on what they're unwilling to comprehend.

Always carry the light within your heart and hand, ready to share it with those who are receptive. Understand that many aren't prepared to recognize the divine or embrace the gifts of such knowledge.

Regardless of circumstances, access to the divine is available to all. It's your personal choice to knock on the door and step through. Only then will your eyes truly open to perceive the authentic beauty and potency of your power, even if you do find yourself standing alone.

  1. Stand Independently: Welcome the concept of standing alone when it comes to your convictions. Trust your inner knowledge and insights, and don't be afraid to separate from the crowd when necessary. This unwavering self-assurance enhances your personal strength and power.
  2. Radiate Pure Love: Cultivate a mindset of love that transcends judgment and criticism. Focus on illuminating the positive qualities in others rather than scrutinizing their weaknesses. By embodying and spreading pure love, you not only strengthen your inner power but also inspire positivity in those around you.
  3. Persecution: Recognize that those who stand strong in their knowledge and power might face persecution. Welcome the challenges that come with standing up for what you know, and view them as opportunities for growth. This resilience in the face of adversity further fortifies your personal strength and power.

There are some values that you should never compromise on to stay true to yourself; you should be brave to stand up for what you truly believe in even if you stand alone.”
― Roy T. Bennett

Written by Lisa Precious- Copyright Reserved