When multiple brilliant minds unite from varying standpoints with unique perspectives, together they can co-create a recipe for triumph.

A standpoint is a unique viewpoint or position that shapes one's understanding of a situation, issue, or concept.

When individuals agree on a common objective while approaching it from distinctly different standpoints, the outcome resembles a complete circular wheel. Each spoke within the organizational structure assumes a distinct role which propels the wheel of success.

Achieving organizational success necessitates a shared vision and goal among all group members, each contributing to bringing the goal to fruition. For sustained organizational success, every component of the wheel must maintain its vigour and determination. As organizations inevitably experience personnel changes due to life circumstances, valuing and respecting each individual within the organizational framework becomes vital for the sustained prosperity of the business.

While the wheel might still turn with a few failed spokes, its efficiency can diminish compared to a fully functional configuration. However, acknowledge that unforeseen accidents and the need for occasional repairs are inevitable. In such instances, having a well-prepared backup plan becomes essential.

By anticipating potential obstacles in advance and devising strategies to address them, you can ensure the wheel of progress continues to spin, undeterred by challenges that might arise.

Grasp the dynamic nature of your organizational wheel, recognize that the collaboration between energy, alignment, and preparedness is what truly sustains its momentum and keeps it on the path to triumph.


Acknowledge that every individual within your business is a vital component of the wheel. Empower them by providing good opportunities for growth and further training. Invest in their well-being and job satisfaction, as a motivated and engaged employee is far more likely to contribute their best efforts, keeping the wheel's momentum strong.

Effective employee and customer communication forms the backbone of any smoothly operating organization. Ensure that the shared vision and goals are communicated clearly to all team members and potential clients. Nurture an environment where open dialogue is actively encouraged, allowing everyone to contribute their insights, share their challenges, and cooperate efficiently.

Written By Lisa Precious - All Copyright Reserved