The universe will remove everything that is no longer aligned to allow for your growth.

It is understandable to feel as though you want to quit and retreat when going through difficult stages and challenges that life inevitably throws

When we experience difficult periods, we may feel life is fruitless; what is the point?

Often in the hardest challenges of our lives, we feel we have been stripped back bare to our raw bones. What more is there left to take from here?

Feeling all we held dear was taken away from us. Stripped back bare moments of our lives can creep in slowly or happen sharply and quickly, leaving us in shock and disbelief.

The turning point is when you cry out, unable to take any more pressure.
Everything eventually passes, and life turns full circle; the lowest point on the wheel is often the beginning of things getting better.

We get caught up in the ego mind, the poor me mindset, and if we allow ourselves to stay there, we inevitably rot, deciding not to move forwards again for fear of further pain and trauma.

When traumatic experiences happen, we can understandably become fearful about living life to the full again. Unfortunately, this mindset prevents us from living a full life.

Part of living a full life is actually walking through the painful and traumatic experiences, and emerging out of the other side stronger and more resilient.

When stripped back to the bones, we feel we have nothing left in us anymore, numbed to our existence. There's no sinking any lower, so which direction do we take, if not up?

What we forget in these times is the guiding light behind us, willing that divine spark to light up. It is human nature to survive, the driving force that keeps us going no matter what.

We live in a world today where the tough talk and some cold truths are considered mean; we like our messages delivered in cozy warmth that makes us feel safe and comfortable.

Does being soft, warm, and nice accomplish what you need to do and shift what needs to go?

Sometimes we need a bit of tough talk, shocking us into coming out of the numbness; we felt the sting of those words, right? The words that felt harsh, made us sit up and question our behavior and the effects that our behaviors are having on the people that care for us.

Our suffering is always related to attachment, forming cords with our pasts, people, pets, money, and places. We recall times we thought we felt happy and content, but this thinking only creates further suffering.

Our life cycle is like a wheel that always revolves full circle. Life isn't all bad, but it isn't all good either; if we had it good all the time, how would we develop and grow?

Whether we realize it or not, each human being is a living energy field, which is the reason we feel uncomfortable with certain individuals; we don't resonate with their energy, intuitively knowing when something feels off.

When a person isn't aligned with your energetic frequency, they will naturally fall away and leave your life. The universe will remove all that is not tuned to your frequency. Don't believe me? Watch it happen.

Your spiritual growth can look like this, as your awareness and consciousness rise, many naturally fall away from you. The universal intelligence will strip everything from you if it is no longer in alignment with your new higher frequency. These are the raw, harsh moments, but there are always longer-term blessings from them.

Reading this article, you may find your ego mind has stepped in to override your thinking. The ego always clouds the mind and intuition, preventing us from releasing the necessary energetic attachments so we can move forward and upwards.


If you are currently moving through a traumatic experience the natural response is to question why this is happening to you.

Now is the time to draw closer to your spirituality, and take good care of yourself. Naturally as you do this you will be able to come to your own profound understandings, enabling you to work through the experience with more trust and faith in your heart.

Recognise that angry and frustrated emotions will arise, allow yourself to feel them so that these emotions can pass through you. Holding destructive emotion in creates disharmony in the mind and body.

Ultimately, it's a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Embracing change, learning from experiences, and letting go of attachments that no longer serve us can open up new opportunities for growth and happiness.

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Written by Lisa Precious- Copywright reserved.