I learn this simple happiness tip chatting to a lady in the graveyard

God Likes To Have A Laugh

I know it’s a bit weird to learn the secret of how to begin your day with happiness and gratitude in a graveyard of all places.

No matter how I feel, this simple practice always sets me up right first thing in the morning.

It is a bright, cheerful sunny day when I learn this little tip whilst tending to my father’s grave.

I think God likes to have a giggle at us from up there.

A kind lady is tending to the grave just two along from my father. We chat for a while and I learn that she visits the grave of her husband daily.

She tells me that every morning her husband would step outside and give thanks for a big breath of air.

There is something about this lady I can’t put my finger on, she is very kind and warm. Her words stay with me and I thank her as she promises to tend to my father’s grave now that she has met me.

A few years later I visit my father’s grave again and notice with disappointment that the beautiful lady I had been chatting to has died and is laid to rest with her husband.

She passed on such a beautiful message to me that I have honoured it ever since our meeting.

“Open the door, let the light in, and inhale a big breath of life”

Oh, and nobody died laughing!