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Be Open

Do you want to receive the gift of who you are?

Imagine for a moment that you are a flower, you want to grow and blossom to your full growth potential to see the full beauty and nature of who you are.

Looking at a flower in full bloom, is something to be revered.

We see the perfect symetyry, smell the essence, and marvel at the colour and arrangement of its DNA. It is truly something to be admired.

So why not you?

In order to receive the gift of who we are, we have to be open to all possibilities, trusting that the divine always has our back, even in times of difficulty, especially during times of hardship.

In Full Bloom

The flower in full bloom provides bees with nectar and pollen, facilitating pollenation for plant reproduction. This incredible relationship between the bees and the flowers is essential for both the bees survival and the plants reproductive success.

How Do We Compare?

Liking a flower to a human’s full growth potential can be done metaphorically, emphasizing certain aspects of growth and development. Here’s an analogy that draws parallels between the two:

  1. Seed and Childhood: Just as a flower starts as a small seed planted in the dark, humans begin their journey as children. Seeds always hold the potential for growth, just as children possess immense potential and curiosity for learning and development.
  2. Environment: Flowers require the right conditions to grow and flourish including sunlight, water, and the right nutrients. Similarly, humans need a nurturing and supportive environment that includes love, care, quality education, and lots of challenging opportunities to reach their full potential.
  3. Unfolding and Learning: As a flower grows, it starts to unfold its petals, gradually revealing its beauty. Likewise, humans undergo a process of learning, acquiring knowledge, skills, and experiences that allow them to unfold their true potential and talents.
  4. Resilience and Challenges: Flowers face harsh challenges such as stormy weather, pests, or lack of resources, which they overcome through resilience and persistence. Similarly, humans have to encounter many obstacles and setbacks throughout life, but by cultivating resilience and perseverance, they can continue to grow and thrive.
  5. Blossoming and Fulfillment: When a flower reaches its full bloom, it radiates beauty, attracts pollinators, and contributes to the ecosystem. Likewise, when humans reach their full growth potential, they can contribute to society, achieve personal fulfillment, and make a positive impact in their chosen fields or relationships.

This analogy highlights the parallel concepts of growth, nurturing, learning, resilience, and fulfillment, drawing a connection between the journey of a flower and a human’s journey toward their full growth potential.

Tips To Reach Your Highest Growth

  1. Dissolve and release attachments to relationships and environments that do not align with your core values.
  2. Trust that the universe always has your back. Perceived negative experiences propel you to further growth if you allow yourself to open to the gift.
  3. Align with the frequency of love and nature. Subscribe to the Smiley Blue meditations to support you in your upgrade.
  4. Know that as you rise higher in your frequency of love, those on the lower frequencies will no longer align with you. People will depart from your life; simply because they can no longer attune to your new higher frequency.
  5. Spend time in solitude to get to know yourself fully.
  6. When stuck with a decision or with direction, instead of doing more, take some time to pause, meditate and reflect until the answers come.
  7. Be disciplined and committed to self-improvement.
  8. Move the physical body daily to avoid stagnation.
  9. Nature heals because that is what you are; seek natural healing alternatives which don’t carry risks of harmful side effects.
  10. Meditate every day for a minimum of 5 minutes. The mind is like a muscle; meditation will support your upgrade and expansion.
  11. Your spiritual journey is unique to you, trust your inner guidance and gut intuition.
  12. Adopt a mindset of service to others whilst maintaining strong boundaries and core values at all times.
  13. Eat wholesome freshly cooked locally sourced food. Self care is taking the time to prepare nourishing food.
  14. Limit or cut out altogether packaged foods, alcohol, canned sodas, vapes and smoking.