‌‌Why grueling exercise regimes and strict diets lead to failure.

You don’t need expensive gym memberships or procedures to look and feel good. We all truly need to accept, love, and respect ourselves enough to make loving choices for ourselves.

Wellness encompasses a healthy body, a sound mind, and a tranquil spirit. Enjoy the journey as you strive for wellness.” - Laurette Gagnon Beaulieu

Supermarkets today are brimming with processed convenience foods, but connecting with nature reminds us of the wisdom in making healthy, natural food choices.

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When we see people looking and feeling good as they get older, it’s not always down to luck and good genes. There’s usually maintenance work behind the scenes. A healthy mind and body work together in perfect synchronization when we have the right conditions.

Often we find reasons why we can’t do something instead of why we can. There’s no perfect time to start a healthier lifestyle.

Strict Regimes Fail Eventually

I used to be a fitness coach, on the surface I looked confident, yet I always battled with my weight, and felt self-conscious of my body.

Eventually, I gave up on all diets and intense exercise regimes and found that my body settled at a comfortable weight when I relaxed a bit. I used to do too much exercise, eat on calorie-controlled diets, drink diet sodas, smoke, and weigh myself daily, that’s not self-care — it’s punishment and exhausting‌‌.

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It’s no surprise I felt off-balance and sometimes had unpredictable mood changes. I cannot believe I used to treat my mind and body so harshly.

I believe in self-discipline, but it doesn’t have to be extreme. Small changes can and do lead to big results.

Strict diets and tough exercise plans usually don’t work in the long run. Many companies sell quick fixes, but they rarely deliver. Your health is a lifelong commitment that doesn’t have to involve restriction. It’s more about taking loving care of yourself and having a little bit of discipline to make some wholesome, loving choices.

Any health expert who says the mind and body are separate is mistaken. Your mind is incredibly powerful and can hold you back if you allow it to -I'm still a work in progress, and by no means perfect.

Tips That Might Help You

Moving your body is essential because it keeps you strong and flexible. Nowadays, I enjoy relaxed swims, shorter workouts, and dog walks in the fresh air.

I have never found a quick fix or magic pills for health. It’s good practice to start being your intuitive health expert.

I began researching functional medicine which works on treating the root cause of disease. Modern medicine tends to treat only the symptoms.

Try out and have fun with different healing herbs, teas, and spices. Experimenting with new tastes and flavors can be fun. Try to consume food that is as close to nature as possible.

  1. Start Small: Overwhelming yourself with drastic changes leads to failure. Begin with small, manageable steps. Include short bursts of exercise into your day, and begin with gradual improvements to your diet starting small sets you up for long-term success.
  2. Consistency Matters: Health is a lifelong journey, and setbacks are normal. What’s important is that you keep moving forward. Even if you take backward steps occasionally, as long as you’re taking more steps forward you are on the right track.
  3. Deprivation: Depriving yourself of your favorite foods all the time only sets you up to crave them more. Allow them, and you might find you start to lose interest.
  4. Sit Down: I find mindful eating helps by sitting at a table without distractions. Putting away devices and turning off the TV allows me to engage with the food. When reaching for a snack, I try to always sit at the table and eat it with loving care and attention. Say a little prayer of gratitude for the nourishment your meal or snack provides.
  5. Loving Nourishment: Have a loving relationship with food by recognizing that fresh, whole foods are your body’s favorite. Welcome the idea that every colorful fruit and vegetable is a gift to your well-being. When you view food as a source of vitality and fuel, you naturally want to make healthier choices.
  6. Revamp Your Favorites: Experiment with your favorite foods using fresh, wholesome ingredients. Instead of dismissing the unhealthier foods you love, try recreating them more healthily. For instance, if you enjoy take-out pizza, try making a whole wheat crust and loading it with colorful veggies. By getting creative in the kitchen, you fuel your meals with love and goodness and discover new flavors and textures that become your new firm favorites. You might find your taste buds adjust, and processed food loses appeal.
  7. Self-Love and Respect: Remember that self-love and self-respect are the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Treat yourself kindly and make your well-being a priority. Nourish your body with love, and your body will love you back.

My Favourite Healthy Mango Salsa Recipe

One of my favorite fruits is the mango. I have been making the salsa recipe below for 25 years, and it tastes delicious with chicken or fish. Enjoy

Serves 2- double ingredients for 4 people

1 fresh mango chopped into squares

The zest and juice of one lime

1 fresh green chilli chopped small

1 avocado chopped into squares

A large handful of fresh coriander leaves

Mix all the ingredients together and serve for a delicious, tangy side dish to compliment any meat or rice dish.

slice mango and avocado fruits in closeup photography
Photo by David Di Veroli / Unsplash

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