It takes a lot to stand in who you are in all your divine glory.

It takes bravery and guts to stand in the divine being that you are, but stand you must.”

We have all heard the phrase, ‘Growing Pains’.

Personal expansion and growth are uncomfortable; many inevitably leave your side as you journey on the path upward.

Flourishing into the divine being of who you are can upset the status quo. Friends and family preferred the old you, the one they were comfortable with. We naturally seek safety and comfort, and expansion represents change and discomfort.

How do we flourish if we never challenge ourselves or others? For me, being normal, going along with the status quo when it is illogical or unbearable is not an option. I tried it for forty-five years, and it doesn’t work.

Fear of stepping out

If I step out as my true self, will someone cut me down, are my friends and family going to desert me? You see, this has been my life journey. I learned early on that being true to myself was wrong, something to hide and be ashamed of. The message I learned growing up was, “You’re not good enough” or “Just tow the line.”

I was either too much, too little, too fat, too thin, or too soft to allow others to walk over me. Taught to stay small so that others can feel big.

Setting boundaries I was labeled mean, hardened, and crazy.

I questioned, “What is it they want me to be?”

People pleasing and lessons

The time inevitably arrives when we cannot continue to live our precious lives attempting to people-please, to serve others whilst we diminish ourselves. We have to quit trying to be all things to everyone.

Some people will always find your light too bright and attempt to dim you. Others get uncomfortable just because you shine bright.

It used to sadden me that I wasted all those years caring about the opinions of others. Figuratively, I drained myself filling buckets that constantly leaked. There are some people you can never please; it is not worth your time and effort trying.

The universe will continue to send you the same lessons, people, and circumstances until you learn, often the hard way. It is indeed all continued expansion and growth. Even the people that hurt us still serve us, but it can take many years of inner work and healing to reach a place of forgiveness, peace in your heart, and gratitude.

Even today, despite all the inner healing work, sometimes I think if someone doesn’t text me back or invite me to a social gathering it is because of something I’ve said or done. The result of deep programming that I learned in my formative years. Today, I am conscious of limiting thought patterns and beliefs. They still crop up from time to time albeit I have developed the skills to dispel thoughts that don’t serve me.

The key to manifesting

I encourage others to shine brightly and create their dreams, BUT, there is a big BUT, only in alignment with pure intention. This is one vital key element in how to manifest your dream life.

Using or falsely manipulating others to acquire what you want does not manifest as it ought. Manifesting dreams without pure intentions will have spiritual consequences. We are reminded to be mindful of how we go about creating our reality.

If you have known a betrayal of trust, maintain your dignity and self-respect. Release the individuals concerned.

Soul purpose

The divine sees your love, gratitude, and beauty.

Everything for you is on its way, provided you line up with pure intention within your being. Your purpose on earth is to seek the light, to ascend, expand and grow upwards.

Imagine, your physical body is a ship, a vessel that sails on the ocean; you consist of mostly water, and you can steer your waters in the direction you would like to go because you have the free will to do so.

The higher, divine power is always there. The higher mind nudges you to align with the navigation path of your physical vessel (ship).

Experiencing life we often lose sense of our way, not knowing what to do or which way to turn, getting in the way of ourselves. In the human form, we forget that we can easily steer our ship in alignment with pure intention and the divine, trusting that the right people and circumstances will appear when needed.

Asking the divine for help or to enter your life may bring hardships that leave you feeling bewildered, angry, heartbroken, or even mistrustful. We ask, “How could a loving God do this to me”

In the later years with the opportunity to reflect, we see the divine gifts in the hardships we endured.

The divine is always calling to you to steer your vessel from the front of the ship with pure intention. From this place of knowing and certainty in your path, you learn to weather the storms, shrugging off the odd bit of mud-slinging and external noise as you recognize the direction of the path.

The light is always there for us; we allow the mind to overrule what the heart already knows.

Image Of Author- Lisa Precious

We let unnecessary anxiety and fear enter our minds holding us back from reaching our highest potential.

Fear is the biggest killer of dreams.

We attach ourselves to identities and worldly goods, we are none of these things.

When we see ourselves as the beauty of creation, our ship will steer at ease. Abundance, joy, and the people who support the workings of your vessel will effortlessly appear when you have taken action in pure alignment.

The imminent arrival at the final destination is a time to reflect on all that has passed you by on the earthly life journey. You will ponder on all the experiences and people you encountered from a place of love and gratitude.

You will see that the painful experiences catapulted you to growth, and the loving experiences filled your heart with wonder, love, and passion.

Life is a wondrous gift; see the beauty of the vast ocean that you are. Remember that the gold treasure is in the journey and not the destination.

Ask yourself, “What will my life look like when I have created the dream?”

Will you be satisfied? Or, will you take a moment to capture it, pause, reflect on the growth journey then continue with further expansion?

Dreams are always somewhere off in the distance, yet magnificence is here in the present, this very moment.

Conclusion and takeaways

  1. Stand by your values and integrity, even if it is a difficult path.

2. Dissolve relationships that drag you down.

3. Give gratitude for every experience, whether good or bad.

4. Work on forgiveness in your heart as a gift to yourself.

5. Shine brightly, you are perfect as you are.

6. Give yourself the gift of the present moment.

7. Seek the uncomfortable to discover your resilience.

8. If you fail, GOOD! Failure is our friend and teacher.

9. How others talk about you is none of your business. Do make it your business to listen to your self-talk regularly.

10. If you have experienced betrayal, maintain your self-respect and release the individuals concerned.

11. Accept that not everyone is with you all the way.

12. Release the need to be liked by everyone; instead, question if the individuals meet your standards.

I appreciate that you have taken a moment of your precious time to read my piece today. I hope it brought you a nugget of gold.