The power of light and darkness in shaping our faith.

When we need to think, we intuitively look upward for inspiration; we naturally align toward sunlight.

Naturally, if we feel low, we hang our heads down, forgetting that the light and inspiration are still there.

The inevitable low points we encounter in life test our faith. Power comes from learning to be at a place of acceptance for the ups and downs of our journey.

Let us be mindful and more conscious of who and what we allow into our lives that have the potential to drag us down.

Surround yourself with the things that uplift you as much as possible.

When the going gets difficult, it helps to be grateful for some of the little things we take for granted, such as running tap water, electricity, or even that you woke up today.
My heart seeks illumination,
For it knows the love in you,
The right hand of God
I hold you in me

You bring tears to my eyes,
I behold you in my heart,
My right hand holds my head,
In the times that I break.

The right hand of God,
You attempt to mend,
This pain, will it ever end?

The ache will pass,
For your heart shall see,
That the heartache,
Was thee

To impart the gift,
Of lifting your heavy heart,
To deliver your light.

I flooded the heart,
With an ocean of water,
Cry no more,
Wash your fears.

I love you,
With all my heart,
That you must see,
The right hand of God,
Place your trust in me.