What is beauty? Beauty is a person who glows with positivity; an individual, despite painful life challenges, always points to the light in any given situation.

The people who carry this inner spark radiate an ageless beauty. They look and act younger than the number they are. Beautiful people do not see their age as a barrier to growth but as a new gateway for new paths to open up into the next phase of transformation.

Physical challenges may arise throughout anyone’s life, however a person with the divine spark, ages with ease and grace and goes along with the natural ebb and flow state.

These individuals are grateful for what remains rather than what has gone by. Beautiful people always see their often painful life obstacles and challenges as opportunities for further growth, knowledge, and supporting others through similar experiences.

They learned through their pain that their darkest times were indeed the golden keys that unlocked their future potential.

Perhaps the door out of the depths of your mind was unlocked all along, all you needed to do was open it”- Lisa Precious

We all have a choice, either we use the painful life episodes to unlock our growth potential, or we stay stuck in the darkness of our minds, never realizing that we hold the magic keys to unlocking ourselves.

Photo by Jason D / Unsplash

Many people have had to go into depths of despair, to push through and grow to the light. Happy people have often had to learn and heal many times from broken.

The Beautiful people on earth are so much more than external looks. These people are inwardly strong, peaceful tellers of truth, raw, and down-to-earth grounded.

And, if you discover that you don't like what you see when looking at a light worker, ask yourself what it is within you that does not like them? The light will never dim itself down for a dark, negatively minded person, instead will shine a light upon them, light up all their flaws, and help brighten all in an upward direction.

All things bright and beautiful, the Lord God made them all

Copyright Reserved- Written by Lisa Precious