When I was growing up, my first school was a place where I learned about good values, manners, and how to worship. My family didn't follow any religious beliefs, so the main message I received was that to succeed and be accepted, I had to get good grades and have a successful career.

Faith and worship weren't a part of my life as I got older. During my teenage years, I started rebelling and straying from what I might call my true path.
I felt pressure to excel academically and have a high-flying career. My parents sent me to a school focused on academics, but I struggled and wished I could study subjects that sparked my imagination and creativity.

From a young age, I felt close to God and prayed every night, a habit I continue today. Looking back now, I understand that even when faced with tough times, God guides toward better days. The years when I rebelled and moved away from faith were the times I faced far more problems and conflicts.

Growing up feeling like a failure and a disappointment was tough, and now I understand why I rebelled. It wasn't until I reached my middle years that I had profound realizations about how society shapes our thinking and what it tells us to aim for. Honestly, we're not encouraged to think about spiritual growth.

Photo by Anna Kolosyuk / Unsplash

It's crucial to give children a strong foundation in spirituality as they grow. It bothers me that we don't teach children about faith and worship. Imagine how far a person can go when focussed on their spiritual journey. It goes beyond any high-rise office building. I'm not saying we shouldn't aim for success in our careers, but by combining that with strong spiritual values, we lead a more fulfilling life.

Just thinking about climbing the career ladder alone brings shallow rewards. Our path to success can be so much richer and more meaningful when aligned with our spiritual journey. The knowledge we gain from this journey is endless, and we discover spiritual riches beyond our wildest dreams.

Much of the world today is still fixated on careers and finances while neglecting the pursuit of spiritual wealth and growth.

When we focus on advancing ourselves toward love and understanding instead of division and hatred, we will see a world without unnecessary conflict, crisis, and war.

How long will it take? It's up to each and every individual to come to awareness, and discover their own unique power.

Written by Lisa Precious- Copyright Reserved