Good judgment comes from experience. Sometimes, experience comes from bad judgment. Christian Slater

Have you experienced someone wrongly accuse you of something you didn't do? It can be hurtful and frustrating.

Today, it seems people are quick to criticise and pre-judge others, especially those in the public eye.

Technology has made it so much easier to cast criticism and judgment sitting behind a keyboard without realising that there are consequences to hurtful words.

Before passing a judgement on somebody just give it a thought about what he or she went through. Paresh Rawai

I've experienced a lot of unfair judgment and criticism over the years. These tough times have taught me valuable lessons in personal growth.

I believe I went through these experiences to support others going through the same thing or to help those who continually judge others to become aware of the consequences of their words and actions.

When people criticize us, our first instinct is to prove them wrong. It's important to realize that someone who has moved beyond judgment and criticism would always seek to understand, dig deeper and gain more understanding.

Attempting to prove your innocence to a judgmental person is usually a waste of time.  By doing our own inner healing work, we recognize that it's perfectly okay for others to create a false version of us in their mind. Their perceived image of us really reflects who they are.

I've been through these experiences many times until I finally learned the lesson, and, judgment hurt even more coming from people I thought I could trust. Though, if we're not mindful, we can also get caught up in judging the person who's judging us.

When we see politicians or celebrities, some people admire them while others hate them. Who's right? When we judge others, we're judging ourselves because what we see in them is often a reflection of our issues and aspects of ourselves that we need to work on.

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Judgment doesn't come from a place of love. But we can learn to rise above it and elevate our consciousness to understand all perspectives.

Our higher-minded selves already know we're all on a journey towards the light of love and truth. Understanding that we are all created in the likeness of the creator, our ultimate goal is to become pure love.

The key that unlocks the door to dealing with criticism and false judgment is forgiveness. It won't happen overnight, but if you plant the seeds of forgiveness in your mind, you can eventually find mercy for those who wronged you.

Forgiveness is a powerful gift to yourself, allowing you to move toward love, freedom, and wholeness. It doesn't mean you still have to have or allow the poor behavior of others to still be in your life.

James 2:13 - For the one who does not practice mercy will have his judgment without mercy. Mercy triumphs over judgment.

Written by Lisa Precious - Copyright Reserved

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