This morning, I woke up to wind and rain lashing against my window. Feeling uninspired about my day, my life, and my business—yes, I do have those days!

I know I have been in this place many times before, and I will "Embrace the suck, and the stuck" until clarity shows up like a ray of brilliant sunshine in my mind.

We are in the last days of August, living in Scotland and still waiting for the appearance of summer. She showed up for two weeks in June, then departed as quickly as she arrived. September is just on the horizon, and there's a hint of a wee nip in the air. It occurs to me, to stop hoping for summer to return; she's not coming back this year.

I open my phone, and there is a message from my friend Paul in the U.S. "How are you?" he inquires. I think to myself, what reply I can conjure up without sounding too miserable—because I am, but I'm not at the same time.

We all have those days when we can't see the direction ahead, and it's all a bit foggy in our heads.

Here's what I usually do when I'm in this frame of mind—anything other than what I should be focused on and doing. I think we call that procrastination.

I decided to lie under my infrared lamp, pop my headphones on, and meditate to see what came to mind. Thirty minutes pass, and nothing has sprung to my mind. I make fresh soup, sweep the floor, procrastinate, and walk the dog.

Whilst out walking, the sun makes a warm welcoming appearance—perfect. On my return, I feel chirpy. I cut the grass, make a fresh pot of tea, and sit outside on the porch with a slice of homemade treacle cake. I open my messages to see that my friend kindly responded to my earlier despondent message with a wee hint telling me to write about my day. It has never occurred to me to write about my day, and feeling inspired, I begin.

As this day has meandered into late afternoon, I feel deeply grateful for the little joys it has held. I hear birdsong, and the sheep bah in the distance, appreciate the gift of silence to write outside with a pot of tea. This evening, I am roasting some delicious local lamb and sharing a good bottle of wine with my husband. All is well.