Join me for personal training in the mind gym for a 1:1 online session.

In this calming and focused one-hour session, you'll be on a journey of mental strengthening designed to help you connect with your higher self. Just as we exercise our bodies, it's often neglected to remember to train our minds - the source of our thoughts, creativity, emotions, and decision-making abilities.

During this personalised workshop, I work with you to relax your mind, increase focus, and build greater self-confidence for the path ahead and the challenging times we all occasionally experience.

Like strengthening a muscle, consistent mind workouts can enhance cognitive abilities, emotional resilience, overall well-being, and deepen our trust in life.

Emerge from this personal mind training feeling relaxed yet energized, centered, and ready to approach your path ahead with an invigorated mindset.

Price -1 hour- £55 GBP - 1-4 people

Book below or via the email provided, dates and times cannot be guaranteed, however I will do my utmost to accommodate where possible.

Lisa Precious