Deepen your roots of knowledge by seeing a blocked path as an opportunity.

Blocked Pathways
It can be frustrating when we discover life isn't moving in the direction we'd hoped for. Yet, have you ever thought about looking at things from a higher perspective? Sometimes a blocked path is nature's way of re-directing you to a new route, one perhaps you hadn't considered before.

 “The chief obstacle to the progress of the human race is the human race.” Don Marquis

A new path where fresh discoveries await instead of walking the familiar, well-trodden route where there is no longer any progress.

An obstacle in your way may mean you need to take a few steps back to pause, think, and re-evaluate. Roadblocks in life are nearly always the guiding light to a higher path and a fresh outlook.

Recently I was talking to someone who felt understandably angry and betrayed, having discovered the betrayal through an innocent third party. I listened as she poured out her feelings of hurt and anger. Next, we discussed different ways we could choose to look at things from a higher perspective, to replace the feelings of anger with gratitude.

We are all imperfect humans, and we all make mistakes, sometimes unconsciously hurting others when it wasn't our intention. The people who hurt us can serve to redirect us onto new paths of growth.

If both parties value the relationship enough, likely they will healthily discuss their issues, and the individual who unknowingly hurt the other party will apologize and self-reflect. When the relationship has irrevocably broken down, then we are simply being guided in a new direction to further our life path.

Life's redirections are full of uncertainty, yet at the same time wonder and excitement. We all like to tread the easy well-trodden path, but we need to walk new paths and trails to work up motivation, resilience, and stamina. Whilst new paths might not seemingly lead anywhere, it is when we take a step back to admire the bigger picture of our life that we see it all shaped into something spectacular.

To grow in life we are encouraged to embrace many new paths, the more the better. Staying safe and comfortable in your nest is understandable but not beneficial to growth, is that a life lived to the full? When we have been hurt and betrayed before, it feels easier and safer that way because nobody can reach us. Sadly, when we build walls of protection around ourselves, we unwittingly build a prison of the mind.

I may sound like a hard, strong individual to you the reader, yet for as long as I can remember I have grappled with anxiety within. Absolutely nothing worth having has fallen onto my lap with ease. Forcing myself sometimes to break through my fears and the inner voice that tells me to go back to "Safe and comfortable" Every time I have pushed through fear a growth lesson came, even if the experience was unpleasant.

A life well lived is a life of mis-takes, dead ends, new routes, obstacles, climbs, and falls, yet all perfectly unique and beautiful.

“ You got to go down a lot of wrong roads to find the right one.” – Bob Parsons

Thank you for reading and may your book of life be a spectacular read.

This writing piece was written by Lisa Precious, and inspired by Dr. Gabriella Korosi

A Beautiful Message by Gabriella at Dancing Elephants Press

Dr. Gabriella Kőrösi: “The Joy Of Life”
Excerpts from ‘The Joy Of Life ’ by diverse authors worldwide. Explore the meaning of spirituality, the path to joy, and experiences that ignite happiness.”

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