Musings by Paul Moore

I’m hesitant to write testimonies as it feels much like boasting. That said, I realize others need hope to see that the law of attraction works.

I’ve decided to write about some of the more esoteric aspects I practice. The stuff that usually gets me called crazy by normal folks.

After touring thirteen states by car, and covering over seven thousand miles, I’ve finally hit the home base. Although I didn’t suspend my practice of meditation, writing, and manifesting, it was impeded a bit by being outside my normal routine. I wanted an adventure across the United States by car, and I got an adventure.

Since I’ve come back from death several times during my life of addiction, and severe mental illness, my definition of adventure, and therefore what I manifested was exactly that.

I was in places at least three times where I was under the threat of imminent death. Doesn’t sound like I did very well manifesting, but these were places I wanted to visit, and though danger accompanied me, I got through it fine, intact, and healthy.

My manifestation has already healed my addiction, severe mental illness, several physical maladies, and some physical problems that were just irritating to me.

I’m not currently working but still had more than enough money for my road trip; more than half came in after deciding, and I’m sure the rest will be in my account shortly, (law of assumption). During those brushes with death, I was able to stay calm, keep my head on a swivel, and avoid danger.

Once was inner-city youths (thugs), again with a homeless schizophrenic, which turned into a session of prayer for his health, and the ability to give him money to eat without him deciding to take the rest of my money; started scary and ended with me embracing this lost soul, those two happened in some rundown sections of New Orleans.

Finally, alone in downtown Boston, not another soul in sight at 3 am, a crystal methamphetamine addict sat beside me and asked if he could borrow my lighter. I wasn’t aware yet that he was to blaze up some crystal meth, so I gave him my favorite purple lighter. After letting him take a good solid hit of his drug (never ever get between an addict and their fix), I asked him if he’d give my favorite lighter back in exchange for another one.

I asked if he’d please smoke his meth downwind of me, as a former addict, I didn’t wish to tempt fate. He accommodated me without personal insult and said he understood. This is miraculous as I still had several hundred dollars in my wallet, looked like I had money, and was dragging ass from twenty hours of plane travel.

My lovely wife finally arrived to pick me up; what a sight for sore eyes! We journeyed back home to Rhode Island, and as my body hit the bed, I was out like a light. I awakened to my two kittens cuddling against me, and showing love. I did part of my awakening routine, but was still so road weary I went back to bed, and binge-watched television.

Today was the first day back into my normal routine. I awakened, prayed, did eighty push-ups, brushed my teeth, ice cold Wim hof shower (can’t do this in the south as the cold water is tepid), an hour of breath-work, meditation, qigong, and now some writing. My neck stiff from driving hundreds of miles per day is healed, loose, and comfortable.

Since you all already get the lowdown on certain manifestation practices, I’ll not cover setting intent, regular meditation practices, walking meditations, and living in the assumption that what’s been manifested is coming. Brian Scott, Joe Dispenza, Neville Goddard, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Bob Proctor, Rhonda Byrne, and many others should already be on your must-read list. I’ll talk about some of the more obscure practices I’ve invented, perfected, and use daily in practice.

One is the regular affirmation of things I want to be. This started out as a small list and has grown through the years. Whenever I see so-called angel numbers: 1:11, 3:33, 5:55, and so forth, I stop and do this affirmation. Everything I wish to become follows I am. I am brilliant. I am generous. I am diligent. I am unlimited, etc.

The thing is when I started I wasn’t the most diligent person, I was quite lazy. After my addiction and subsequent brain damage, I wasn’t even sure I’d ever read a book and retain information again. I just believed that maybe I would, and I asked and pleaded with God.

After a long list of attributes, I wish to foster following the words I am, I thank God, I say as within so without, as above so below, amen, abracadabra, while warming my heart by shifting my focus to heartwarming love.

What once took ten seconds now has become a  list that takes over a minute to get through. I usually hold my hands in a certain mudra at my heart. As I continue to find areas I want to be better, and purer, I add them to my list. Also every single time something magically goes my way I’m grateful and keep a running gratitude fest going all day.

In the beginning, unable to do this because it takes practice. If nothing else is occurring in my head, it’s probably on a loop of thank you, God. I do this when I get a good parking spot, when the line at the store moves quickly, when something manifests, and even when something I perceive as unwanted comes along I am thankful, soon finding the opportunity within the adversity.

Funnily enough, I talk to my car and tell Maybell just what a great job she does running me around town. This little truck is passing 200,000 miles without any problems, and still looks great, next year she’ll be a classic.

My list of manifestations grows every day. It’s at a critical mass now where I can’t even think of anything I want. While I’m not ultra-wealthy, I always have enough for anything I want, and I haven’t set my goals toward extreme wealth, for its own sake.

Manly Hall said if one seeks purity it’s all that’s necessary for “white magic” he said as one becomes more virtuous by choice, all nature of mystical creatures will be conspiring for your happiness.

I’ve seen this is true; trying to get better makes me happy, and seeing the magic all around me.

Please don’t give up, my only hope for you is to have all I have: love, blessing, happiness, and abundance, bless you all!

Written by Paul Moore

A Little Bit About Paul

Paul Moore has been practicing and mostly failing at recovery for thirty years of his life. In many attempts, trials and errors, he found a comprehensive way of applying the steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

In four short years, Paul went from hopelessly suicidal to happy and comfortable in his own skin. He went from unemployable to seeking his certification as a substance use disorder counsellor. Once too lazy to commit to regular hygiene, he graduated to writing this book, certifying a sober living centre, creating a recovery channel on You Tube, and working full time treating addicts and guiding alcoholics toward recovery.

He lives in Rhode Island with his wife Graca, two adult children pursuing education, and the family’s four cats. His eldest daughter is marriedand raising two children. This family, once torn to pieces from the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol, is now united again. Things are not perfect, but they are getting pretty close.

In addition to writing this book, Paul is finishing his licensing training as a chemical dependency specialist,working on an upcoming book on recovery, and plans are underway to open a small recovery centre based on his many years of experience.

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