Are You Seated with a Delicious Cup of Coffee in Hand?

We all search for truth to begin our journey to understanding life better. Think of a good coffee; it's a strong, rich brew loved by people from all around the world.

Making good coffee has become so varied, there are many different ways to brew and drink coffee, and today even machines help us make a cup, just like how we have many ways to learn things through books and ever growing technology.

The path to spiritual growth isn't the same for everyone. Each individual's life experiences and lessons are unique. Picture a cup of coffee; there are numerous ways to make and enjoy it. But at the core, every coffee needs that single shot of espresso. Similarly, for a spiritual full cup, truth forms the base.

Coffee is balm to the heart and spirit - Giuseppe Verdi

Just like diluted versions of coffee, there are many watered-down versions of spiritual truth and false religion. These versions are misleading, often confusing, and not as genuine.

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When I die, bring me a coffee, and you’ll see me rise again, like Lazarus. -Eduardo De Filippo

The base of spirituality, like an espresso shot, remains crucial. Picture spiritual truth as this espresso shot. Begin with it, then build on your spirituality from there.

When you reach spiritual truth, your life becomes more enriched, much like savoring a full cup of coffee. It adds flavour, aroma and richness to every moment, and no matter how busy you are, never forget to fill your spiritual cup with spiritual wisdom and knowledge, just in the same way you like to start your day with a good quality cup of coffee.

Have you ever wondered what coffee is? Coffee is an excuse. An excuse to tell a friend you love him -Luciano De Crescenzo

How can you find and learn spiritual truth? 

In a world of misinformation and confusion, it is increasingly difficult to find the truth. But what nobody will tell you is that the truth of who and what you are already lies within you. 

I hope these tips I have learned over many years support you in the inward search for spiritual truth. 

  1. We are all unique and created in the image of God. Each person has their own built-in ability to pray with an open heart for wisdom and knowledge. 
  2.  God is vast pure loving energy and does not support politics, war, or false worship religions. Neither is He responsible for natural disasters or the harming of humanity. 
  3. The Bible is an excellent learning aid and tool for deeper insights; delve into the Bible for spiritual gems. Mechanical reading and leaning upon your own understanding won't provide the whole picture. Before commencing the Bible, pray for wisdom and meditate upon the teachings. 
  4. When we pray with honest and pure-hearted intention, our prayers get heard. Answers can come almost immediately, weeks, months, or years later, but trust they do come. 
  5. Many people in the world today do not believe in God. He is often called a concept, yet those who know and have a relationship with God do not have a relationship with a concept. Be open-minded to expanding and opening your heart and mind up to God. What do you have to lose? 
  6. When we learn more about the character of Jesus, why he came to earth, and follow his ways, we find we are more calm and peaceful in our being. 
  7. We all have a shadow side to our personalities. The key is to acknowledge the shadow and become aware of it. We can begin to recognize the shadow within more quickly and tame the darker aspects of ourselves, such as judgment, fear or envy. 

Now pour yourself another good cup of coffee with the deep, rich aroma of an espresso shot of spiritual truth to enlighten your senses.

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Article written by Lisa Precious/ Copyright Reserved 

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